Freezing your cancer tumor: anyone do it?

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Hello everyone. I am brand new here... recently diagnosed with a tumor on my right kidney. Will probably do the surgery in a few weeks but am doing tons of research first on the internet to learn more about my condition. One thing I read about was the idea of freezing your tumor and/or kidney after removal so that they might possibly be used in treatment if the cancer returns. I'm still trying to learn more about this idea and thought I'd post here to see if anyone knows something about it. If so, can you give details? I am especially curious about places that offer tumor freezing services. I can't seem to find any on my own.


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    cryo ablation
    i just did the ablation procedure , it was the burn method as opposed to the freeze.
    what is your stage or size of kidney tumor.

    i lost my left kidney in 06, jsut found a new spot of 2cm, so surgery was not performed.

    if you have an ablatin procedure,its a breeze. you'll walk out the same day.

    however, your doctor may suggest surgery if you still 2 kidneys. the size is the factor.
    if they can get you by scoping, then fine, if full surgery is required, you will be down 6 week recovering.