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The roller coaster continues

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My mom could only tolerate one week of radiation. Her white count and platelets dropped to 1.6 and 57,000 with her treatment. The radiation oncologist feels it is not safe enough to proceed. On top of all this, they found an enlarged node in the left side of her
neck. Because of the bleeding risk they don't want to do a biopsy. Monday she is scheduled for a neck, chest, abdominal and pelvic CT. The oncologist did suggest a low dose of Taxol weekly for three weeks for 4 or 5 cycles. We're going to try that beginning on Sept. 23rd. He says Taxol is less toxic to the bone marrow. If the neck node is a metastisis, the Taxol should keep it in check.

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I believe that your oncologist is being careful with your mom especially with her low white count and platelets. I think it's a good idea to have low dose of the chemo so your mom wouldn't get weak from it. I pray your mom can tolerate for three weeks with chemo treatments. Just make sure to watch out for symptoms. You can ask the doctor what to watch out for if she can't tolerate the tx. I had blood transfusion when my platelets and white blood cells dropped to 7 but the average is 10 to 12.
Can you tell me what do you mean by 57,000 with her treatment?

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The 57,000 is her platelet count. That has been her problem all along with chemo, along with anemia. She is getting 40,000 units of Procrit weekly. She was getting Neupogen also for her low WBC counts.

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seems like things are taking very long to show up. Just checking

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