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looking for anwers

Gavin Bullen
Posts: 1
Joined: Aug 2009

Hello everyone
I'm new here and I have Kidney Cancer. I need help I went to see my doctor a few weeks ago, when my doctor told me and my mother all I wanted do was get very mad and walk out of the office, but my doctor told my for me to start my treament I would have to make a chose of an IV or the pills. can anyone tell me what would be better?

Posts: 52
Joined: Apr 2009

Are you going to a renal cell carcinoma oncologist? Did you have surgery? I know this is very surreal to you now. You are not alone in this journey.We need more information to try to suggest help. You really haven't told us much.
Hope to hear from you.

Posts: 5
Joined: Aug 2009

I'm new at this to. I have lost my left kidney to this cancer and doing treatments {torisel}. they are going okay..I just like to tell you there is hope out there. It was very upsetting to me too, but more then anything it was up setting to my family too.. I'm doing the IV they are very hard. I'm asking my Dr. for a port on my next visit. my viens are not holding up..

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