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Two Weeks After Starting Hormone Treatment

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Today is two weeks after starting Hormone Treatment. Tomorrow I get a needle in my upper abdomen, which makes me nervous.

I am told with this injection I will get worst before better. Any Experiences?

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My husband just had another Lupron shot in his upper abdomen on August 13th. This is his third shot. He has had no side effects other than a bruise at the injection site. Some men have mentioned pain though. Sheila

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my hormone shots are zoladex. I just had my 4th shot and all are given in the upper abdomen. There is a little pain as the needle goes in, but it is gone by the time I leave the office and no residual pain.

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I have had five hormone shots that starting in August 2008.
At that time I was 53 years old and my PSA was 115.
We dicide to throw everything at the prostate cancer, hormone shots, surgery and now RT.
My PSA after just one shot in August of last year to October down my PSA to 5.
I am doing great.

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