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Colon2 and PaulaG's John are having the #12 special today......

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This is in hopes that all is gone or at least under control...Blessings and good thoughts both heading your ways.........Keep us informed.....

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Congratulations on this big accomplishment!

1-2 is a really big number and a big deal...so proud of them for getting through it - a couple of warriors if I've ever seen one.


Fight for my love
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Best luck and best wishes to you guys,please be NED very soon!

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Sending prayers and good thoughts to both of you and your husbands. Hope #12 isn't too bad, and all the news afterwards is good!

Hugs to you both,

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You're both almost done! So lucky, I am hooked up to my 8th fanny pack now, sending positive vibes and hope that you're cancer is gone!


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As for being finished with all 12. I am glad for that, BUT #12 decided to throw several side effects at me. I have had pains all over, especially the chest area, neck and shoulders. The Dr sent me last time to get my heart checked out and it is normal, so all this stuff is chemo related. It is getting better though, today is not too bad. I think I will do the happy naked dsance Saturday night. It might remind me of the old days, if I don't look in the mirror. lol It is all good.. I fought it and kicked its butt, and if it comes back, I will do it again. Good luck and best wishes to everybody else that is going thru this , or has gone thru it. No one but another semi-colon can truly understand. Although I think the caregivers come pretty close. I would have to say, my husband has been a trooper. He has gone to every chemo with me and sat right beside me.
God Bless Us All, Carletta

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to all


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Paula G.
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Yup! #12 last Wednesday. Now it is over for a little bit. John will see his new Onc on the 28th. We have heard lots of good stuff about this place.I did have them show me his first scan before Chemo. I wanted to see it so I would see what the Chemo has done when he has his next scan. Liver looked bad.
Thanks to all of you. You have gave us lots of info to be armed with for the next phase of treatments. Lots of hope. I care and appreciate all of you. Paula G.

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Sorry I missed your big day. I hope that you are doing well and you continue to heal from here on out.


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My 12th was 10 days ago and it feels like it never happened. Over. Done with. Gone!

Congrats to everyone!

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