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Dad still NED

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Hi everyone. Just want to let you know that my dad is still going strong. He continues to be NED three years after finishing chemo for stage IV cc. He was diagnosed almost four years ago with mets to his liver. The doctor continues to be amazed by how well my dad has done. Hope you are all doing well. I thank you for all of your prayers and pray for you always. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!!!


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Awesome news. I love reading these! It gives everyone hope! Hooray.

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Thank you so much for posting the update. I love hearing those success stories! Congratulations to you guys and thanks again for sharing!

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Praise You Lord!

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That is so wonderful - thank you, Jesus! My mom is currently undergoing chemo for Stage IV cc so I will definitely pass this info on to her as well. With God ALL things are possible!

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Thank you for sharing the great news! As Diane said, I join you in praise!


Fight for my love
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Thank you very much,Lee,congratulations!

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Thanks for sharing with us.

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Thanks for sharing that post, it's always awesome to hear about people still living with this beast for years to come, it was very inspirational to read your post.


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That's just fabulous!


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amen to that.... Great news.. Thanks for sharing.

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