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side effects of rutuxin treatment

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i have severe pain and burning in my feet this is my second treatment for gastric lymphoma i have no energy night sweats some nausea iam now on maintaince rutuxin now does anybody else have feet pain

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My dad didn't have any side effects so far but has had only one tx. I think everyone is different and depending on how strong they mix it. He will go for #2 tx this coming Tuesday. He was suppose to go today but had elevated BP.
I hope you get better.
Tammy Jo

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I had CVP + Rituxan and maintenance rituxan. I had neuropathy in my hands and feet from the chemo, but they went away after chemo. I didn't have any side effects from the rituxan though.

If it keeps up, call your onc or your chemo nurses.

Hope it gets better soon.


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My mother suffers from Sjogren's disease and Rutuxin is an option for her to rememdy her symptoms, which lately have been fairly painful. She is interested in finding out about any side effects others have experienced.

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I'm about 3 1/2 months into remission from NHL. Had two days of treatment once every three weeks for 5 months, one day chemo, one day rituxin, so don't know which or whether both caused my side effects. Have shortness of breath, (had echocardigram yesterday); neuropathy of feet, joint stiffness and pain and depression. All have lessened somewhat, shortness of breath and joint pain are strongest after effects, don't know if permanent. Neuropathy has lessened greatly, just mild now. Depression I've dealt with for years and years, but is worse now, again that seems to be slowing down, going back to my "normal" depressive state. I take meds for it.
As rough as it is and has been, it is still worth it. The lesser of two evils, cancer or aftereffects. Being in remission certainly gives me the incentive to keep dealing the best I can with aftereffects.
Best wishes and good luck on decision making

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