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Reading Room - Study: Weightlifting helps breast cancer survivors

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Very cool- thanks for the info/link!
Just another word on weight bearing exercise- my primary care physician once told me that the best thing I could do to prevent osteoparosis is to use weights during exercise, even if they're just small weights. This was told to me before I knew I had cancer, because my mom has osteoparosis and I was asking about trying to prevent it. My thoughts relating this to us on this board, is that many of us may have compromised bones due to chemo, radiation, or whatever. Perhaps weight bearing exercise is something good for our bones too (as long as you don't have really brittle bones already, I would think).

Thanks for sharing this Nudgie-


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weight lifting exercises have been proven to help prevent ostepoarosis. Weight lifting also helps circulation, muscle tone/strength, balance (core), posture, stress and our mood.

I have been weight lifting for more than 15 years and I have seen the benefits through my recovery times with surgery, chemo treatments, and well-being. Even though it gets hard sometimes to get my butt to the gym, I have been working out for 20 yeears and once it becomes part of daily routine, it becomes part of your life.

Exercise is "mind, body and spirt"

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Before I was diagnosed I tried to lift weights at least 3 times a week. I'm small but I had good muscle mass. I think this is why I recovered so fast from my resection. I was told I have osteoporosis. I am very active and try to do alot of physical things, mostly gardening and push mowing. So far this is keeping me in good shape. When you work out it releases a sort of rush in the body. This fights depression. When I lifted I use to feel a rush in my muscles. Natural high, good stuff.

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