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Aug 12th is going to be a great day!!

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I just know this!
I have my quarterly oncologist appointment in the afternoon. Expecting a CEA test and a "let me feel those nodes!" exam.

Good Luck tomorrow Eric! I will be rooting for good news to come your way! Root!Root!

Who else has an appointment we can holler about tomorrow?

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I just go in for a refill on the chemo and my hepatic pump too. Time to play tourist and take lots of NYC photos. Looking for meteors now but it's overcast a bit and I did not see any. Darn!
Good luck with your exam, let me "node" how it turns out ;-)

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Ha Ha Phil..... Really Patteee.... let us know how it goes. I also get my juice tomorrow and then Thursday is my big results day. I will of course let you all know. I am actually excited.


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My FINAL chemo, #12 on Folfox, is at 10:00 EST today. That's shout worthy!

Praying for your needs and continued great reports!

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I hope it goes smoothly and the side effects are not too bad Diane.

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Prayers coming your way Diane, and to all the folks having treatment and awaiting results. God Bless all of you, Patti

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Sending prayers, good thoughts, energy, juju to all three of you today. And to Eric and Craig also!

Phil- you are too funny.

Be well,

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busy day for you guys, lets hope for all good news and a good day for all.

Fight for my love
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yeah,busy day for many of you guys,wish the best luck to all of you guys and hope the outcomes will be good.Take care.

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I love your positive title on this thread "Aug 12th is going to be a great day!!"
Please let us know how everything goes. :)

Wow- I guess today is a busy day across the nation for so many of you out there- Pattee, Jennie, Eric, Diane, Craig, Phil- forgive me if I've left anyone out- I'm hoping and praying for you all.


Julie 44
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I will have my fingers crossed for everyone........My thoughts and prayers are with all of you...Keep us posted.......JULIE

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Paula G.
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Yap! Good vibes coming your way....Paula

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Paula G.
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Good luck to all of you too. I thought some of you were on the same schedule as my hubby but his #12 is next Wednesday. THEN THE SCAN!!! I am feeling happy but worried and up and down. I am sure you all know what I mean. Best to all of you and I am looking forward to good news. Paula

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I am new to this board so forgive me if I say or ask too much. Yesterday was a bad news/good news day for us. My mom diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer 30JUNE09. Had first round of chemo Folfox 6 on 03August09. Yesterday she was c/o abdominal pain, went to ER, oncologist ordered CT. Then reported to us some encouraging news. When compared to the last CT done 30JUNE2009, the tumors have decreased in size and the ascites in her peritoneal cavity has decreased substantially!! I try not to put too much weight on this. Don't want to get overconfident but....
I spent some time reading the board yesterday and was so encouraged by all of you. Your attitudes are very uplifting considering all you've gone through. It made me feel good to see that it really is possible to live with cancer. I hope you don't mind that I have decided to join the discussion even though I don't have the diagnosis myself. I look forward to continuing to be inspired by each of you.
Wishing each and every one of you a happy day!

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