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Worried, advice and prayers needed please

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Hello to my semi colon family,
It's that crazy chick from England sonia, need so advice please as I'm worried and I'm starting to go back to thinking when I was first diagnosed back in Feb 09. Basically I did round two of oxi and xeloda, before I had treatment on the 20/7/09 I had blood tests and they were fine for treatment to go ahead.
Suffered from oral thrush so have had to stop xeloda for a few days, then it got really bad went to gp who diagnosed oral thrush and took bloods as per my oncologist request. But during the Tuesday night I had a fever and was admitted to my hospital, they took bloods and gave me stronger stuff for the oral infection, but my bloods were fine and I had no infection. The surgery rang up and said that they have to do my bloods again for my liver enzymes, as one is slightly elvated, it should be in it's 40's but it's at 120. So I'm going in for another blood test tomorrow, just hoping and praying its been raised because of chemo, the infection etc.
But as you all know and gone through this, your mind always goes back to when you were first diagnosed. I had a scan back in February, liver etc was fine, even during operation surgeon checked it was clear. I'm stage 3, with 10/11b lymph nodes being infected, tumour was removed. Had many blood tests since then, and they have been fine, just when I got the oral thrush and being on chemo, pain killers, depression drugs, I'm just worried. Please pray that its just because of the infection or nothing sinister, I just cant go through anything more, I'm weak mentally, still suffer from panic attacks. I don't know sorry for rambling, just wanted some advice.

Hugs to you all

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I can't give you any advice because I didn't experience what you are going through, but I can definitely pray for you. Sonia, I know this disease is hard on your body and mind, but just remember you can get through it with faith and courage. We are pulling for you every step of the way, and when you feel down or discouraged, just reach out to us. The members on this board have been a constant source or encouragement for me and I'm sure they will do the same for you.


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My liver counts went up and down due to my gall bladder being full of stones. I had it removed on April 17 and my labs have been perfect ever since.

I'll pray for you!

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Dear Sonia,although I am not a doctor,I have heard that the liver enzymes can be increased by medications very easily.I am hoping that the raise of it is just a temporary thing.You are right,the C thing does make people exhausted and depressed at both physically and mentally very easily,but you should always chin up and keep your spirit up high.I am praying for you now and hope everything will be fine with you.Take care.

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The treatment for cancer does very odd things to a body!!!!

My liver enzymes were all over the place. And my red and white counts were in the basement. And every side effect, even the 'not common' ones, I managed.

Why do I mention this? I am now over 4 years since diagnosis, stage III rectal cancer, stage II breast cancer...and I am doing VERY well!!! Hope is an amazing thing! But, also, taking care of yourself, and visualizing emerging the winner over cancer (I HATE losing...ROFL!) worked the best for me....

BIG hugs, Kathi

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