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DEANNA & everyone: I'll be at the BEACH July 25 to August 1.

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I don't want anyone to think I am uncaring about anything you may post, so I wanted to let you all know that I will be going to the beach with my family tomorrow and won't be back until August 1st. I post this especially for Deanna, as she will be coming back to her biopsy results. And though I am sure that she will get good news, I want her to know why I don't respond to it right away. I am thinking of taking my computer and trying to find an 'internet cafe' so that I can check in mid-week here, and check my emails from my clients and staff. We go to a very quiet beach community with no hotels or board walk and very little night life other than country-western kareoke.

My 8-year-old granddaughter is coming over soon to help me pack, as she knows I care NOTHING about clothes and she always comes before I go anywhere and 'makes outfits' for each day for me. I let her totally decide what I take; she's that much better at it than I am! HA! She will be my 'bed-buddie,' as the beach cottage has 4 bedrooms with 4 double beds, and both 'grandmas' are going and will be doubling up with the 2 grandkids. (My husband is NOT a beach person, and hasn't gone to the beach with us the last 3 years, instead enjoying the peace and quiet of home and having us all gone.) Both of my sons will be there. My older son is bringing his 'girlfriend' (they are both 35) who is a throat surgeon, so I will have medical expertise 'in house'. We plan to read and talk and relax every day, and eat too much seafood and drink too many wine coolers. We go every year and the grandkids are already looking forward to getting me up at dawn to walk the beach and search for seashells and go to 'Jimmies' for a big breakfast before anyone else gets up. There's an annual family Miniature Golf tournament, with a trophy on the line, and a side trip to a water park one day and one day at the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. Ahhhhhh.......

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Linda you deserve a most relaxing vacation. Enjoy!!!!

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That sounds WONDERFUL!! Enjoy!


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Linda.....you deserve to have a great vacation and LOTS of fun! Enjoy every minute of it! Sounds like you have lots on the schedule already!!


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I am back Linda to tell you that you brought such lovely memories back to me! Growing up my family and I used to summer at the beach. When my "Nana" stayed with us during the summer she and I always shared a room!

I have had such a glow since reading about your vacation plans. Your granddaughter will always have such wonderful memories of your special room mate time!


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Don't get sun burned but enjoy the beach

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I hope you have a relaxing vacation with your family. My family is visiting now and we are having a great time. Enjoy your grandchildren and this special memory making time for all of you.


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Have a marvelous vacation. Beach and grandchildren are a wonderful combination. I find that I have the best pictures of the kids when they were at the beach. Did not get a chance to go to Cape Cod with the grandchildren this year. But there is always next year, and the year after and the year after. Well, you know were I am going with this. Have a ball.

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Have fun and what a great time for the grandchildren.

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Sounds like an excellent vacation. Mine was simply marvelous. I feel so much more relaxed and ready face the reality of what might come. I am still praying for false positive scan, but prepared to do what I have to do if it is a reoccurance. Our trip gave me a lot of time to think, pray and reflect. I have spent the last year planning my life around surgeries and treatments and tests... and the cancer. I am going to start living and all of that can revolve around MY life, not the other way around. I know that reoccurance dramatically drops my chances for a cure, but I am going to live with cancer or without cancer. I want to make as many memories with the people I love in my life as I can, then I don't have to worry about what might be or not. Every day is a gift even if it means going to get a chemo treatment! Anyway... will probably find out on Monday.
Linda, have a great trip to the beach and enjoy your family. I will post something as soon as I know.

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