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Sutent and anger

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I am just curious to hear about other people's experience with Sutent and anger. I know that depression is a side effect of the drug, but has anyone experienced anger. I know that anger is a natural reaction to cancer, and it may be hard to differentiate anger related to a drug and anger related to the cancer.

My wife is just finishing her 8th cycle of Sutent, and we are scheduled for a total of 9. She is extremely angry at a lot of things (including me), and I'm wondering if this might subside as the sutent leaves her body.

It would be great to hear from anyone who has gone through this, and if their outlook and general perceptions changed after the chemo was over.

Thanks in advance.

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I completed 9 cycles of Sutent and I don't believe it caused anger but I do believe that part of dealing with cancer is sometimes dealing with anger. In general I'm not a very angry person but there has been times that it seems so unfair and I have felt somewhat angry. I think that those of us being treated forget that our loved ones are hurting along with us. My wife has picked up on when I am in a mood and I have tried to explain how I am feeling. I have found that it helps a little. I am very lucky to have my wife by my side and I can tell that your wife is lucky to have you. Please continue to be patient with her, I'm sure she needs your support more than anytime in your relationship. I will continue to keep you and your wife in my prayers. By the way I promised to help you look for other cancer resources in your area. One that looked interesting is the University of Colorado Cancer center. Their website has interesting support information. The link is:


I hope it helps! I will also continue to look.



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Thank you so much for your help - on both of my posts - I really appreciate it. I will open up the link next and see what there is to see.

You are in my prayers also.

Thanks again!

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I don't know if it's anger, but my hubby and I always seem to argue alot. It would help if spouses just let things go instead of arguing.
I have been taking sutent since Jan. and haven't heard about any date of stopping.
Hope all is well everybody.

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