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Hello ALL,

I have been reading this group for a few weeks now since I discovered it. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 6 weeks ago. All of your discussions have been very helpful to me and I appreciate the CSN for this opportunity to network with others having similar circumstances.

I have returned from the hospital since yesterday following RP surgery. I have a couple of friends who had the same procedure. We all seem to have different experiences and are effected differently as well. This I can understand. Seems like we all have different tolerances to pain. I have found that while I have virtually no or little post/op pain from the incision site, I am in a LOT of pain when I urinate. My friends did not experience this. They didn't even notice urination. Let me explain or define my observations. We have catheters stuck up where the sun doesn't shine as I understand up into our bladder. The bladder constantly flows urine down the line into our "purse" ((my sweet nurse terminology). However, this goes without notice or pain and I don't define it as urination in the normal sense. I have what my doctor call spasms where I have leakage and it feels like a regular urination except with a great deal of pain. I can't stop it or control it. My doctor says let myself go and try to relax as best I can. I'm fine with that since nether of us seem to be able to do anything about it. I'm sorry guys and gals but I'm just curious how common this problem is. Had I known about this possible side effect I may have well chosen radiation. It feels like what Tom Hanks was trying to convey in "The Green Mile".

I'm sorry to be so long winded. I'd very very curious to hear from anyone with similar experiences. My doc says it's common but I haven't seen anyone here or do I know anyone else that has gone through this. All other issues or great. Pathology was negative for my lymph nodes and only a very small percentile of cancer in the prostate. I will make it through this.

Kind regards to all

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I am 4 weeks to the day since my Davinci surgery.
While I had the catheter in , I had some leakage. Only once I had a feeling of needing to go bad and felt pressure, I had urine pass at that time. It was gross.
I called the Doc and the nurse said this is common. How much I don't know.
Do what the Dr. said so that you will heal well.

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Yeah, that was probably blood clots. Red you want to get past quickly; pink is good, and golden...you're over that part...unless...a brief stumble occurs. But don't worry.

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My husband had radical prosectomy May 14, 2009 he had bad spasms when the cath was in.. last week he went without pads.. The cath was in for 12 days.. after a week it was out.. soaked one pad a day for couple of weeks.. It got less and less.. then down to table spoon when working out or running.. now no protection and all is well.. He had alot of pain on the side of groin- Doc called it a pulled internal stitch..

Trimix seems to cause leakage now only used it 4-5 times so far....

Have you been checked for infection?

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Lucky him, with 2 weeks. I was on medium pads for a year and a half; finally got down to women's lights by 2 years; now only use if I expect to do strenuous work, etc. It helps to be young, and for the enlarged prostate not to have restricted flow for several years. The bladder sphincter muscles atrophy if the prostate takes over the job. Hard to wake them up after. I had almost given up.

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I am almost 3 months post surgery (May 1,2009).I continue to have occassional spasms, lasting 10-15 seconds, but only when I am sitting. Not too much of a bother.
What is a bother is when I urinate but, do not know or feel it happening. It is getting better as we look forward to the day of no pads!!!
Hang in there!


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You need to remember that when they took your prostate out, they most likely clipped out the section of urethra that passed through it, and sewed the two ends together. Its probably swelled a bit and sensitive, therefore - pain. It should abate soon. If it persists, it could possibly have some scar tissue on the inside which messes with urination as you once knew it. But your doctor will pick up on that in follow-up. They can do a sonogram on your bladder to see if it is emptying when you go. I am two years down the road, and find I have to use a lot of abdominal pressure to empty my bladder (like doing crunches at the gym), but I haven't had pain since a few weeks after the operation.
Congratulations on your surgery. If you read enough about all the different treatment options, you will notice that they ALL involve incontinence and erectile difficulties; it's just that YOU are DONE with the "treatment" in few days of minor pain, vs. MONTHS of radiation, six MONTHS of seed implants, MONTHS of chemo or hormone treatment. If your pathology reports were all negative, you did the right thing. AND IT'S GONE from your body!

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