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nerve pain after modified radical neck dissection

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I believe I am having nerve pain after having a modified radical neck dissection for recurrent thyroid cancer. I was told I would have areas in my neck and upper chest that would have numbness. I do have some numbness, but also have areas where my skin feels like it is on fire. I can't stand to have clothes touching my left neck or upper chest. This evening I thought I could cry it hurt so bad. I've tried ice. Any other ideas? I go back to the doctor next week and will also ask him, but sometimes it is just good to know others with the same problem.

murphy sister
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I also have had modified radical neck dissection both sides 1 and half years ago and experienced the same burning sensations across my chest and neck, this is as I understand
the normal healing process, what causes this is the nerve endings are coming back to life
so to speak and so this is a good sign! I just didn't let anything touch my chest, boy
did it burn! I also asked the pharmacist who gave a cooling gel that helped.

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I hope you read this - I'm two weeks out from a right side modified radical neck dissection, and I've had the same burning pain since. It's still pretty bad - they put me on neurontin(gabapentin) and my oxycodone seems to help a little, but doesn't completely take it away. Its awful, and I don't think the neurontin is working. I wanted to ask you, since it's been a couple of years - did it ever go away? When? What worked to get rid of the burning pain? I really hope this message will notify you or something, since it's such an old post.

Thanks - I hope youre well and pain free. :)

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Hi,  I don't know if you can respond after so many years, but I was wondering if your burning pain ever got better.  I am 3 months out from the neck dissection with bad burning pain in the anterior chest area and am hoping to hear it gets better with time.

Thanks and hope you are well.


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I'm three years post the same surgery.  I didn't experience any burning pain as a result of the surgery, but my other nerve related symptoms have decreased, if not disappeared over time.  For me, the worst were a deep itching I couldn't scratch and short sharp pains along the suture line.  Both of these symptoms were periodic, the itching happening maybe once a day initially and lasting a minute or two now I'll go weeks in between.  The short sharp pains (like getting poked with a needle or having a single hair pulled) happening several times a day initially and gradually decreasing until they happen maybe once every couple of months now.  Hopefully your symptoms will decrease with time too.


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Thanks Alan, for describing the deep itching that you couldn't scratch.  I have experienced that as well except mine were not along the suture line.  I also experience the sharp pains.  I struggle with getting the lymph fluid to drain so if anyone out there has any suggestions, I would love to hear it.

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