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3 YEARS ago today, my LAST cancer treatment!!!!!

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After my stage III rectal cancer diagnosis in December of 2004, and the chemo, rads, and surgery (times 2) for that, and my stage II breast cancer diagnosis in July of 2005 with the surgery (lumpectomy), chemo, and rads...my LAST rad treatment was July 3, 2006!!!!

The only remnant is the Tamoxifen, and my lactose intollerance....WHEW! I remember during my treatment hell thinking about this day coming...and hoping for the best (the rectal cancer had me dying June, 2005...)

So it is 3 years post-cancer treatment, 4 years post-cancer diagnosis on the breast, and going on 5 years post-diagnosis on the rectal...it truly IS a great independence day tomorrow!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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It's great to read of you doing so well and getting to this point- definitely a super reason to celebrate this holiday weekend!

Take care!!

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That is such wonderful news and huge reason to celebrate! The fireworks this weekend are for you!

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That is such wonderful news and you have overcome so much during the last several years. You deserve this happiness in your life. Enjoy your holiday and be safe.


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happy naked dance!!!
kathi great news you are a warrior!!
be well
never,ever give up!!

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It is truely great news and a good feeling isn't it? I am hitting my 5 yr. diagnosis mark Aug. 1 too. I hope this gives those who are new and stage 4 more hope, that with treatment it is surviveable! Best Hopes.

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for you.yes it makes me a little jelous that so many are ned and me wanting to get there.i only have one more treatment then i will be done with chemo.but what about after chemo.will my life ever just have to not deal with this cancer,and does life really go on.or is this cancer always going to be apart of our lives.i just so want to be normal and feel good again.sorry for whinning but sometimes we need to vent.again congrats to you and have a happy and safe 4th.....Godbless.....johnnybegood

Fight for my love
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This is great!You are a great warrior.Congratulations.

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Great News....It is wonderful how good life can be when you really think about it. enjoy your Holiday this weekend and a very long and healthy,fruitful life... :)

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Celebrate and enjoy your independence!

many hugs, Vicki

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that truely make this 'doable'. Celebrate this weekend!!

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Great News!!! I am So Happy for you!!! Celebrate celebrate dance to the music!!!
Light the fireworks!!

Julie 44
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That is really great news..Thanks for sharing it gives all of us hope for our own futures.....JULIE

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