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Coincides with 'poop' discussion

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krystle singer
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This is to anyone who may have felt the same!

I'm afraid to eat. I never know what will happen with the intake! One day it's free flow and I can't get it to stop and the next I get a firm refusal to let anything leave! Since I still have tests to go, I feel uneasy about this whole thing. Don't get me wrong, I eat but it scares me. Am I crazy for this particular fear? Or am I just plain crazy? My husband just keeps insisting I eat soooo, I do, of course. Crazy or not, I do spend an inordinate amount of time just worrying about the next CT. AS I am sure you all know, I wish this whole cancer crap(literally and in all other senses) would just go away and let me alone!

Thanks for listening/reading.

Krystle singer

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...but my outtake is never the same everyday, but it sure doesn't stop me from eating what I want, I just keep taking my Immodiums if I have diarrhea, and my stool softeners if it's hard, I just never really think about what it should be after I eat, I just like to eat too much LOL...

I did find however, that although I love skittles, I can't eat those little things anymore, as those gummy candies sure do back me up!


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krystle singer
Posts: 109
Joined: Feb 2009

Indeed my outtake or output is varied to boot. Not two days alike.
I mourn the loss of Skittles for you. I am mourning the loss of ice cream and other milk products. Soy milk/ice cream just doesn't cut it, but I know the evil demons in my so called digestive system will try to make me pay dearly if I do not obey. Besides colon cancer, it would seem I am lactose intolerent(..ant?). Well, Donna, I'll eat your Skittles and you can have my ice cream...not a fair trade, of course, but you'll know the little colorful things will have a good home!

Also hugsss!

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I am also afraid to eat. It is the same with me. I try to eat very small meals several times a day instead of large ones but that sometimes is hard to do. I never know what to expect from my bowels. It is very frustrating but I keep thinking this will correct with time. I just keep thinking this problem will be history before long.

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krystle singer
Posts: 109
Joined: Feb 2009

Thank goodness I am not alone! I try to eat little meals and then I get invited out or my husband makes something really good and there I am...eating and excreting like a horse! What a trial this all is.I hope both our problems correcct with time. Thanks for reply.

Krystle singer

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I just finished chemo, which backs me up. So I took softeners and last night I just exploded...no control at all for hours on end. I honestly could have had a colonoscopy this morning, I was that emptied. Now I am afraid to eat, or even to go to sleep. I keep saying "someday"...


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krystle singer
Posts: 109
Joined: Feb 2009

Yep. I go out to eat with my girlfriends and that's a nightg shot! No, I don't go out often but just when I eat the best stuff(I am crazy about any kind of potatoes,especially FRIED) and they set off the volvano works within hours. Someday...I hope so. In the meantime our local McDonald's is going broke without their best fry customer.
In the meantime, keep your chin up and buy TP in bulki.

Krystle singer

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From one Fry girl to another.....One of THE worst items to eat that are linked to colon cancer are.....FRIES! wah! That, and potato chips. Double wah!

One of my post-dx mantras was STARVE THE CANCER so I diligently stayed away from foods that were linked to colon cancer or fed colon cancer (sugary sweets). Hard to do for 6 months but cancer free is worth every McD fry I didn't eat then. When I was preggie fries were some of the only foods i could keep down. For the first trimester I couldn't look a carrot in the eye! HA! Sorry you're getting the Vesuvius affect. Bummer.

peace, emily

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I know exactly how you feel. I have just given in, I eat what ever I want and take what ever happens. They told me that vegetables and fruits would be my enemy with the chronic diahrea, I don't care I love them so I eat them, don't notice it to be any worse, then when I eat anything else sooooo...Life Goes On!


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