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Radiation for Ovarian Cancer Need Some Info

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Hi, I’m a stage 3c ovarian survivor. I came on this site because I would like some information on radiation treatments. I’m usually on the ovarian board. I had a ct scan done March 4th it showed a little growth on my vaginal cuff, about an inch. I just had a pet/ct scan and it has grown ½ inch. No other cancer had showed up. Thank God for that!! I have been on non stop chemo since last April. My onc recommend that I get radiation directly to the vaginal cuff. I know nothing about radiation. Has anyone had cancer in there vaginal cuff? What questions should I ask this radiologist Dr.? I’m suppose to go out west for a few weeks and was thinking of waiting until I come back and not postponed my trip. I don’t think it could grow that much in a month and half. What do you ladies think? My prayers are with all of you dealing with this beast. Hopefully a cure for us is around the corner.
Hugs and Prayers, Terry

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I would have the growth biopsied to make certain what it is. I would see a gyn oncologist for that. I have not had radiation yet but many other ladies here have. I would make certain what it is first. Has anyone examined you internally yet? I assume you had a hysterectomy.

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Hi Terry,
I have had external abdominal/pelvic radiation (33 treatments) and 5 internal radiation treatments...for cervical ca. What would you like to know?

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Hi , now I'm wondering if I should have this growth checked to see if it is cancer. I don't know anything about radiation, what questions should I be asking Dr on Tuesday. I've read where they do external and internal. In my situation which one is better. I'm scared to think it could affect my bowels and bladder.Any help would be appreciated.
Hugs and Prayers, Terry

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Internal radiation is a breeze really. Just a bit humilating but it doesn't hurt and it doesn't take long. No side effects...

I would ask to have the growth checked to make sure it is cancer but I understand the vaginal cuff seems to be the first place for it to return!

God Bless and you're in my prayers.



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Hi, Terry! Are they talking about internal radiation (also know as 'brachy'), or external pelvic? I had 28 rounds of external, and just had the 2nd of 3 prescribed internal brachys this morning. If you scoot down to the thread entitled "I had the 1st of 3 internal HDR brachy radiation today" you can read a vivid description of the process. I was told this was to prevent a recurrance at the vaginal cuff, so I'm just guessing that this is the process you will have.

My oncologist said that only 5% of women having this type of radiation have lasting serious side effects. (I know; when you read the blogs it sounds like EVERYONE has horrible lasting side effects, but I choose to believe my oncologist!) I only have 1 more to get and I have NO pain or burning or any problems at all (even after sex, although you have to take it easy! HA!). So please don't be too worried. You just want to be sure they are positioning you using a CT-scan instead of X-rays, and then it's not even that degrading and humiliating. BIG HUGS!

(PS: During my 28 rounds of external radiation, I did have diahrea, but was never nauseated. And if I stuck to the low-fiber fiet, I was fine, still with loose bowels but not so bad that I had to stay home or anything. I only took 2 Immodium during the entire time of external pelvic rads, which gives you some idea that it's not that bad. I lost 10 pounds, but that was because I consciously took advantage of my decreased appetite to eat less and try to lose some of the 15 "chemo pounds" I packed on. And I put 3 pounds back on since my last round of external on June 9th!)

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Linda you are so helpful. Not only on this board but the ovarian board as well. I read your post and I'm hoping to get that same treatment.I will know more Tuesday and will update yopu then.I'm still going on my trip, the radiation will have to wait until I get back , I don't think it the tumor will grow that fast in 4-5 weeks. I love your new picture!!!
Hugs and Paryers Terry

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