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Just a question I can not shake....believe me I have tried

winthefight's picture
Posts: 162
Joined: Dec 2007

The more lymphoma survivors I communicate with, the more I have this burning question. I have spoken/chatted/communicated with at least 4 other lymphoma survivors who were on weight watchers prior to getting hit with lymphoma.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I going nuts? Who else was on Weight Watchers shortly before getting the diagnosis of lymphoma?

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adored Weight Watchers. It was easy and it worked. I was only less than 5 pounds of reaching my goal weight before my diagnosis.

I just can't shake this connection.

hodgkoid2003's picture
Posts: 94
Joined: Apr 2009

Please do not torture yourself grasping at all the "why's". It hasn't mattered what decade someone has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's, it is almost never determined how it came to be. I recall for years, it being tied to Epstein-Barr virus (although I was never diagnosed with that), and I even remember an area in Ohio near a chemical plant. Rumors have even tried to connect pesticides. So you see, perhaps a better example I can give, is if you were to spill grape juice on a white colored carpet. Would you clean it up right away, or would you just stand by, asking why it spilled while it soaks further in making it harder to clean up.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers for why we get Hodgkin's. All I can tell you is that so many survive. Yes, there are relapses, and occasionally, some succomb to it, but HD has one of the highest cure rates.

I wish you best.

Paul E. (Hodgkoid2003)

slickwilly's picture
Posts: 339
Joined: Feb 2007

At some point there might be enough studies to link various cancers to our environment. But we are a long ways from that. There are so many environmental factors involved. Everything we eat or wear. Every chemical we use or come into contact with. Even the homes we live in with all chemicals in furniture, carpeting and building materials. I assume we all use a porceline toilet. And if you think about it there was less cancer when we all used out houses. Added to that is the fact that as each country has progressed to indoor plumbing their cancer rates have gone up. Hummmm I could be on to something here! Lymphoma is just a crappy situation no matter how you look at it. We were unlucky enough to get it and blessed when we survived. I quit asking "why me" when I decided that beating myself up was not going to do any good and I wanted to live my life. Best of luck with your weight. It took me three years to get my extra 15 pounts off after chemo. Slickwilly

Posts: 23
Joined: Jun 2009

I have found my self searching for connections each night online , i guess i have the double commection by having both lymphoma of the skin and enlarged lympnodes in my chest , most people say they have never heard of lymphoma of the skin me either so there is so much we don,t know it is perplexing and it really bothers me at times so we just keep praying and searching theres a connection somewhere, tim in North Florida

slickwilly's picture
Posts: 339
Joined: Feb 2007

You are winning the fight if your only 5 pounds from your goal weight. Congrats to you. It took me 3 years to get my chemo weight off. On a serious note! Lymphoma seems to pop up all over the place. Tim on his skin and in his chest. I had mine in my face and it was traveling along the nerves and bone. Its comes up in such strange places that it would almost be impossible to link it to anything. Hopefully someday science will figure it out and no one else will have to suffer. I know its hard to move forward with our lives when we have constant reminders from side effects and operations. But I work hard at it everyday because of the people that didn't get a chance at life again like I did. I hope everyone here can get the most out of life. Now go out and buy some new clothes for your new body as shopping will cure about anything. Or at least make you feel better anyway ha ha. Slickwilly

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