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It is not always cancer recurrence..

thank you
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I hope my news will make all of you happy.

Briefly my mom's story:
A year ago she was diagnosed with stage IIIC, grade 1-2 endometrial cancer. Had surgery on June 2008 (2 of 20 lymph nodes had metastasis), 4 cycles of chemotherapy, 25 radiation, 2 brachytherapies. MRI at the end of treatment (December 2008): NED. F/U on February with PAP test and ca125:NED. May 2009: MRI shows a suspicious tumor. PET scan confirms the finding. It was in vaginal cuff (a usual site of recurrence). Nothing was found anywhere else. You can imagine the anxiety. We had to wait for 3 more months to repeat the imaging, or to repeat the surgery. We opted for the second. She just came out from the OR (in Greece), and...IT IS ONLY SCAR TISSUE!!! The surgeon said it is typical finding, everything else looks very normal. (he has finished here in USA, in Stanford, otherwise I wouldn't trust him). EVERYTHING THAT IS FOUND DURING YOUR FOLLOW UPS IS NOT CANCER. Please keep our story in mind if you have any "abnormal" findings. Thank you for being so amazing and positive, I have been away from mom all this time, and I survived because I was reading your posts. You deserve and you will have the best. Chrysoula

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Thank you so much for sharing your mother's story with us. It does help to hear stories like yours. I am scheduled to have a PET/CT on July 1 and am already a little anxious when I let myself think about it. I am having all of these little twinges of aches and pains that I try to ignore because I am feel I am being a worrier which does not help. Your mother's story proves that you just don't know, even when something shows on the scans.

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Thanks for taking the time to write and share the good news. Our minds to go down that worry wart path - at least mine does. I will remember your mother's story.

Good luck to you Deanna.

Mary Ann

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