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Cost of follow up texts update

Sunriver Member Posts: 50
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I posted the other day about my frustration regarding the cost of follow up tests (ct, colonoscopy) given I have a $7500 deductible on my insurance. I was surprised to find how much the same procedure can very in cost from place to place. My most recent CT in my town in Oregon cost $4700 (after insurance adjustments) but I can get the same three scans with contrast in Arizona for $1110. In another Arizona town I can get a colonoscopy for a total cost of $1050. Instead of just accumulating bills until I have to go bankrupt I found procedures I can afford to pay for as I have them each year. I guess the moral is if you have a high deductible and need expensive tests start shopping around. I would be happy to pass along any of the info I found if you need it. Be well! Mark


  • grandma2selena
    grandma2selena Member Posts: 199
    Cost of Follow ups
    This is the thing that worries me. We had such GREAT insurance when I went through my treatments and even at this three month mark (it covered 100% of everything). But as of next month our benefits will be changing, and I have heard it requires more out of the pocket expenses. Darn State of Washington for giving the contract to a different company, well atleast hubby still has a job.