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I'm one of them!

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This week has been hard for our family because I just got my diagnosis a week ago Friday. So we decided to go to the local zoo this afternoon. You know, do something normal to get our minds off cancer for a few hours.

We start walking around and there are all these people with t-shirts on from a cancer walk there! Lots of people with them. For a minute I thought, "D***! I can't get away from it even for an afternoon! Look at all these cancer people." Then I thought, "Wait a minute - I'm one of these cancer people now!" And then I was OK. We had a nice afternoon.

Just wanted to share a self realization moment...

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I have found since I lost my hair that everywhere you go, you meet someone with a cancer story. I told my niece one day as we walked down the mall, I with tears streaming down my face... that it is God's way of making sure that you know you are not alone. And that there are a LOT of people who survive this and live full lives.

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My husband and I went to the annual 'Celebrate Life' cookout yesterday at our cancer center. It was amazing to be there with all of my old 'chemo buddies' and new 'radiation buddies', along with the survivors that go to the Support Group luncheons I went to a couple of times. If YOU all had been there, I think all of my cancer-related friends would have been gathered at the same time in the same place! The oncology physicians and staff were almost all there from chemotherapy/hemotology and from radiation oncology and I had lots of hugs from staff people.

Most touching of all was to have my chemo oncologist, the head of the department who I haven't seen since my last chemo in March, call out "Hey, Linda" and run over to me to give me a big hug and even a kiss on top of my fuzzy head, and ask how radiation was going. Over 100 people were there, and yet Dr, White still remembered me and looked so delighted to see me, very flattering. He always makes me feel like I'm a PERSON, not just a patient or an interesting case.

The featured survivor speaker was my CLOSEST chemo buddy that I sat with during most of my chemo infusions, and it was great to see her with her hair all grown in now and to meet her 4 small children and see them all so proud and feeling secure in her survival. Her cancer journey and mine have been entwined since the start, as we started chemo on the same day and were on the same rotation, so her chemo buddies were my chemo buddies. And the story she told to the crowd was also MY story. There were a lot of tears and hugging as people reached out to re-connect and check in with people they'd met in waiting rooms and the chemo lounge. The love was everywhere. My husband was deeply moved as he has made many friends of other caregivers and patients he's met on this journey with me. It was just a wonderful day.

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