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signet ring cell carcinoma

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Has anybody else had this type of cancer and if they did can you please tell me more about it

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Hi Kapper,

Signet ring cell carcinoma is quite rare and is usually associated with stomach cancer. I was diagnosed with pseudo-signet ring cells last year in my stomach - they originally thought it was cancer, but was confirmed not malignant by Mayo Clinic....THANK GOD!

Anyway, signet ring cells do show up in other areas of the body too, usually digestive tract, and is distinguished by how the cells look. Signet ring cells reproduce and spread differently than other types of malignant cells. My docs said they tend to grow/spread in the layers of tissue rather than clump up in tumors.

When we were discussing chemo for me for my stomach when they thought I had signet ring cell cancer, the protocol was going to be 5FU/Leukovorin/Epirubicin, since I already had the Oxaliplatin. I was told the treatment for signet ring cell is the same as other cancers, but is usually more aggressive because of the nature of signet ring cells.

Since signet ring cell cancer is so rare, it might be hard to find other folks who have been diagnosed with it. I know one of the 2006 Colondar models had signet ring cell colon cancer and is currently doing very well. You might check out some of the other support forums to see if you can connect with other signet ring cell survivors - The Colon Club and My CRC Connections.

Wishing you well....Katie

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i know there are some folks over at the colonclub.com with the signet celll variety. I believe one of the members with it is named Dori.

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