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Anyone been on Gleevec for CML?

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Joined: Jun 2009

My 2 year old was just diagnosed with CML and I was wondering if someone who has taken it can give me some info on long term affects?

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Hi MommyC3,
Here are a couple of good websites where you can post questions and will usually get plenty of helpful answers.



Both of these websites are excellent for asking questions and getting answers from other patients who have been on Gleevec.





Here are some other great websites for information.

I was on Gleevec for 10 months so I can't really help you with long term effects.
I hope this helps,

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Hi MommyC3, just wanted to add another site to the above list:

Oncology Journal: http://www.oncologyjournal.org/gleevec-imatinib-mesylate/

It has information and they actually have a dr on staff to answer your questions. Good luck!

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Hi mommy C3 I am a 28 year old female that was dx with CML in feb. 08. So far so good I have been responding really well. I am taking 400mg. Only side effects I had was nausea and that was at the begining. I also had puffy eyes in the morning. But that was it. To me Gleevec has saved my life.

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Hi MommyC3,
I am a 50 year old female. I was dx with CML in June 2005. I have been on Gleevec since it was dx. I am on 400mg a day. I am in complete remission and have been for a few years. I do have a few side effects from the gleevec. I have puffy eyes, fluid retention, bone aches and fatigue some days. But it is all worth it. You have to remember that there are so many new drugs coming out for the treatment of CML.

I hope everything goes ok for your child.


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