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New to this site and scared

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My mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 uterine cancer in February. She has received three cycles of chemo so far. The problem is that her blood counts are so low in between cycles that she has been hospitalized for blood and platelet transfusions. We saw the oncologist on Friday and he feels the chemo should stop because she has now developed aplastic anemia. She had been getting Taxol and carbo in very small doses but her bone marrow has been wiped out. Not sure about radiation at this point because of the bone marrow suppression. The oncologist is supposed to talk to the gyn oncologist to see if surgery is an option. We know the tumor has responded to the chemo because the second CT scan showed marked decrease in the tumor size. My mom has a wonderful outlook but I'm a basket case. Thanks for listening.

thank you
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I am also a daughter that is so much worried about mom's health!!
Just wanted to tell you that I do understand how you feel. My mom had 4 chemo (had no side effects, but this is what was recommended by oncologist, she is also a stage 3).
Hopefully now that the tumor has decreased your mom can have the surgery.
Please be with your mom as much as you can - unfortunately my mom is across the ocean and I can not be with her, and believe me this hurts.
Try to have fun with your mom, don't show her that you are concerned.
Take care of yourself.

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I know we all just want to get the cancer OUT of us, and I hope your mom will soon be able to have her debulking surgery so that she can then just deal with any little things left behind. Stage 3 cancers ARE scary (My own cancer is Stage 3c), and my heart goes out to anyone who is unable to tolerate the aggressive treatments well. I had a lot of anemia during my chemo rounds and several blood transfusions and lots of treatment delays for platelet problems, but I was able to get through the 6 rounds eventually, even though it took almost a month longer than it was supposed to. Do you know the Grade of her cancer? If it is a low-grade slow-growing cancer, she may not need as much treatment than a Grade 3 cancer type.

How compromised is your mother's bone marrow? Do you know her counts? We may be able to reassure you if you can post her actual bloodwork counts, or at least put them in perspective for you based on our own experiences. It's always good to ask for printed copies of all diagnostic test results and pathology reports.

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My mom just was transfused with 2 units yesterday. White count was 2.1. Platelets were 79,000 yesterday. H&H was 7.1/20.1. Her platelets dropped down to 2000 and required a two week hospital stay. On top of it all she has developed antibodies to the red blood cells. Even though she was given several platlet transfusions, her platelet count never went up dramatically. The doctors felt she was developing an autoimmune response and she was consuming the platelets. That required IV steroids. Her platelets seem to be increasing now but the white count and H&H remain low. She also has been getting 40,000 Units of Procrit each week and Neupogen while in the hospital. I am also a nurse but this is all new to me!

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Have they tried Neumega injections? I have had those the last couple of weeks and my platelets jumped from 90 thou to 138 thou in a week. Might be something they could us, so that she can finish her treatments. I also had a blood transfusion (2 Units PRBS') 2 weeks ago and now up to 11.5. A couple days after, it made me feel like a million bucks!
God bless you and mom!

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I am a mom who was diagnosed with a serious advanced cancer 2 years ago. It was everything to me that my 26 year old daughter did not give up her life during my illness.She was loving and supportive and often accompanied me on doctor visits. But what was most important to me- no much more than important, absolutely the most important thing for me was to see my daughter enjoying her life. I know she was worried, scared and probably would have preferred to spend all her time with me, but I needed to see her being a 26 year old. It was my time to be ill but I needed her to be okay. This is a great blog with women who can offer tremendous information and support. I know how scary this is. Don't try to take it all on at once. Cancer and it's treatment takes enormous strength and patience, but as you can see from this blog, it's absolutely possible. Stay strong for your mothers. I'm doing well right now and wish your mom's the same. Take care of yourselves- that is what we mom's worry about when we are sick- at least that is how I felt.
By the way, my mom battled lung cancer last year and I am sure she would agree she was more worried about me.

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