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hi everybody,
i have a question for ya.
does everybody use this MUCOMYST when they have their scan.
someone mentioned this on an earlier post about helping to flush the contrast out of your kidney
if you have one kidney what else do you do to protect it when having the ct scan and contrast.
thanks alot everybody.

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Hi corey,

Sorry for responding so late, I have what they call dry ct's as I only have one kidney my doctor just wont risk it. I have heard alot of people using mucomyst, the other thing is drink alot of water before and after the scan. As far as mucomyst goes I heard it's best to just do it like a shot of wiskey or something then something after to help with the taste like juice soda, stuff like that.

Please post your scan results, and know that possitive thoughts and prayers are coming your way.


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Hi Corey:
Hope the test goes well today. See, we do care!! Keep us posted on the results and how it went. In addition to the Mucomist, I have a pre and post hydration with a liter each of Saline.
I had my monthly massage yesterday. It's a luxury I make time for.
Hope you are getting sunshine. We have a sun somewhere -but lots of gray clouds covering it here on the Oregon coast.
My husband just stopped here at the office and invited me out to dinner. Better than left over pot roast/vegies turned in meat pie.
Enjoy the week, and relax. Worrying about results doesn't produce anything but bodily stress.

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hi donna-lee
thanks for thinking of me. had the ct scan today.
called the hospital on monday and asked about the mucomyst (because my dr's secretary didn't know anything about it and he and the nurse weren't in). the tech at hosp. said what they recommend if your blood work was good (which mine was) just to drink lots of water before and after. also sometimes a dr. may order a saline drip to flush the contrast. called dr. back, the nurse said if blood was good they don't do that just drink, drink.
so this morning along with the gross barium contrast i drank a bottle of water before test along with usual morning glass. then drank a bottle after test. and have been drinking lots of water all day.
there was a little screw up on whether i was getting a chest xray or ct scan. but it got worked out. i also have non existent veins so they had to call for an iv nurse but the wait was so long the tech tried and got the iv in. so yeah. after all that the actual scan only took 5 minutes.
now just waiting. am a little scared but trying to not worry. like you said it doesn't do any good anyway.
i don't see the dr. till the 25th but don't want to wait that long so monday asked nurse if dr. gives results over the phone, she said if there is anything really wrong he will call if not i could call next week. but the hosp said he should have results tomorrow so i may call. he's in surgery all day on friday and i don't want to go the weekend wondering. although as long as he doesn't call me i guess its good news. i jump everytime the phone rings. i feel bad for kids too (teenagers) because they know i had a test and know i run to answer the phone. normally we let the machine pick up most times.
am trying to think positive and go with the flow if you will.
sat. 6/13 will be 4 years since i had surgery for stage 1 breast cancer. and every year i'm cancer free we go and have a lobster for dinner. hope i can celebrate for two reasons on sat.
the weather here hasn't helped my mood. its been cloudy and raining all week. does not feel like june here in new england. i've been wanting to work in my garden too.
well, sounds like you have a nice night ahead of you. enjoy your dinner.
thanks again for the good thoughts.

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hi maryann,
thanks for your reply. i had the scan (chest and pelvis and abdomen) today. drank the contrast and had the iv contrast too. dr. said just to drink lots of water, which i did. my blood work was good so thought my one kidney could handle it.
just waiting now for results. trying not to worry too much. know it will not change the outcome just make me more miserable.
but its so hard waiting. actually the hardest part is never knowing when the phone rings if its the dr. with bad news. his nurse said he would call if something bad showed up. so hopefully he wont call. haha
thank you for your good thoughts and especially the prayers.
i'm sending them right back at ya.

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