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alternative medicine?

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It seems cancer will be one day out of control! I don't know when it will happen.Just waiting with stress and anxiety.cheking PSA every month ....it is awful... may be some alternative medicine will help. some thing like homeopathy or healing... Is there any body tried these methods?

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After convententional surgey and salvage radiotherapy my psa continued to be present and was rising slowly. I was determined not to go into hormone therapy so I read some books and scanned the internet. One of the books was Jane Plant's 'Your Life is Your Responsibilty'. She was a professor who had breast cancer which would not go away after all the treatments were exhausted. So she researched the subject herself. Breast and Prostate are very similar in origins so there is alot on PC in the book. The other book the author and title I forget is someone who refused PC treatment and took alternative regimes and cured himself.

I am not a believer in sharks teeth type cures but diet/ regimes yes. Basically you stop all diary, red meat, alcohol and go organic with vegetables. Cancer is thought not to be able exist and grow in a alkaline body environment. Vegetables and fruit create that environment.

I also take Essiac Tea...Google it and you will see some of the claims and history. Ocaasionally I take something to boost the immune system. Making fresh juices with the right fruits and veg will do this.

I have a hair test every 6 months which tells me the state of my body minerals, toxins etc and then take vitamins to get the right balance.

Hope this helps
Best wishes

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What benefits can you share with me on the Essiac Tea? My father has started drinking this along with red root, red clover since learning about his high PSA level and learning he has PC.

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I'm curious if the tea has any side effects such as more problems with urinary incontenience?
Does it have any caffeine in it?

Larry (lewvino)

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green tea.

I personally am interested in taking action based on research documented investigational studies.


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