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Another "first"

Terry_s wife
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I lost my best friend and love of my life on June 30, 2008. I have been through the "firsts" - july 4, labor day - we loved to watch the fireworks and cookout; thanksgiving -at our house with him frying turkeys; his birthday; christmas - I did put a tree three weeks before and it did feel good; new year's; my birthday; and this saturday - the 6th what would have been our 22nd anniversary. It started really hitting me this weekend that next to the anniversary of his death this one has hit pretty hard. I have a great daughter and son in law with 2 kids and one on the way - she finds out tomorrow what it is. I have reserved myself to the fact that the two stepchildren I have have removed me from their life - I haven't heard from them since Christmas. In addition, it seems that I must have died when Terry did because none of "our" friends come around any more. Now I am focusing on me, my health, my home and property. Why am I writing this? I really don't know - I guess this is the only way I can vent and cry at the same time. I hope everyone out there cherishes the time you have with your loved ones. I tell Terry every day how much I love him and miss him. I know he is in a better place and not suffering and hurting now. That gives me comfort. They say time heals all so I guess I'll just keep taking a day at a time. Thanks for letting me get this out.

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Husband died april 16 2009 It hasn't been that long for me but this is ai good place to vent and I am sorry for your loss. I do notice that the phone calls aren't coming like they did before angel died, Like you i take one day at a time. I miss him so much i am not looking forward to the holidays. married 35 yrs he was 53 and i am 51. I know life goes on but i don't want to be with out him while my life goes on its lonely.


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I am now 51. Isnt something I had less phone calls and it was like hmm no one can call once in a while and ask how I am I have a couple good friends who do. I am still fighting cancer myself and my brother now lives with me and helps me. But the close friends we both my husband and I had their excuse is oh I didnt want to disturb you if your not feeling well and sleeping huh? I would just say can I call you back later I dont feel well right now. At least I would know they cared. His family hmm, our niece and nephew call we were close to but none of the rest. Guess they think my family is here now and I dont like hearing from them. Yes i too vent after even seven years. I am so sorry for you losses I do know how you feel and yes its lonely and I know people get tired of hearing this but time helps. I pray your pain weakens for both
Prayers and Hugs

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