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met with my surgeon today

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Hi all. I met with my surgeon today and wanted to pass on a couple of things he said about UPSC. He had just returned from a major cancer conference. I asked him if there is anything new with UPSC treatment. As you all know- we are a small population and that means we don't get a lot of attention in the research field, but new treatments are making good progress in breast and ovarian cancers. Their success helps us- we benefit from what they have learned. I know my chemo/radiation protocol looked like the ovarian cancer protocol- and I am over 1 year NED now. He said in a short time, biological therapy will be replacing our chemo/radiation therapies with even more success. That is good news. It seems to me that biological therapy treatment will do less damage to us. I know that it doesn't help us right now, but as we worry about recurrances we might find hope and reassurance in knowing that there will be medicines that work successfully with our immune system rather than attack the cancer and our bodies with it. I also asked him about estrogen because it came up on one of yesterday's posts. UPSC is not estrogen positive. Take care everyone. Barb

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I read about that new cancer break-through, where they have found a way to attach a 'marker' to the cancer cells so that your immune system "sees" the cancer cells as a foreign invader and attacks the cancer cells. Uterine cancer isn't one of the cancers they are using it for,....YET. But it is being tested across a fairly wide range of unrelated cancers, so it is VERY promising!

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What would I do without you? I would be left in the dark. That is very exciting to hear that they are making progress in new treatments.

Dear Lord please help these scientists find a cure for cancer. Amen.

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I always appreciate hearing the promising news for our UPSC. Thanks for sharing.

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Aloha All been reading abstracts from the Journal of Clinical Oncology (just put in Journal etc and it will pop up); they just had a big get together; several research abstracts were submitted for uterine cancer in particular UPSC; some new drugs...human monoclonal antibodies (MT201) on the horizon; looks like the oncs are starting to look at CAM therapies as well; starting to beef up "aftercare"; the science part can be boring; just read the conclusions; abstract # E16503 has an interesting title..."Salvaging" UPSC patients; apparently those who have recurrence in the pelvic area have better overall survival than those whose cancer pops up somewhere else; just remember to make the stats work for you; see yourself in the small percentage that come through;

I really try not to spend to much time thinking about all of this


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Now we just need to stay around long enough to benefit from all this new research!!

Hang in there ladies!!

Mary Ann

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