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My Problem

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5 yrs. ago I had a radical done with a bad outcome. I developed an infection that almost killed me. Thankfully they were able to fix that. Eveything was fine except that sex no longer was a possibility. 9 months ago my PSA jumped to 20 and it meant more visits to the Dr. A biopsy was done and I found out that the cancer returned. I was being seen and the conclusion after visits the conclusion was wait and see since the cancer didn't seem to be growing.

I have since lost my job and medical coverage. COBRA is too much money for me to afford and I make too much on unemployment to qualify for Medicaid. I have searched all over to see if there are any programs that would at least pay for the blood work & cat scan that is 3 months overdue. I've found none. If anyone knows of something in the New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia area I would appreciate any help.

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So sorry to hear about your news. COBRA Is very expensive and don't see how anyone can afford it. I live in Tn. so not familiar with anything up your way. But Keep tough. In Tennessee we have something called TN Care. The lower income people love it and all the illegal's take advantage of it. Is there anything similar up your way?
Larry (lewvino)

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Also, contact the American Cancer Society--I think , I heard them mention a resource....good luck...........Ira

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Until we get universal health care, prferably single payer, and get the profit out of the health care system, it is not a good country to find yourself being sick. I lost my job and insurance when I go cancer and eventually had to file bankruptcy as the medical bills piled up. I have fortunately survived a psa of 24 and Gleason of 9 and know what you are going through. For a year or so after I lost my insurance,which in this country is a Ponzi scheme, i.e. AIG, I qualified for reduced hospital costs by about 50% at my local hospital. That was some relief but not exactly a salvation. I pretty much just said to hell with it and worked at getting all the stress out of my life, which was not easy. Stress is deadly and I credit my survival to getting rid of it. Best wishes.

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