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1 year later

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Joined: Apr 2008

Well, it's been 1 year since my diagnoses. Had my 1 year follow up colonoscopy and I have my CT's in a few weeks. 1 tiny little polyp and some biopsy but surgeon says don'thave to have another one for 3 years. I'm not comfortable with that. If after surgery to remove the tumor and 6 months of chemo a tiny polyp can start, what can happen in 3 years!! What have been some of your experiences with that "first 2 years" window?

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I was originally diagnosed stage III. Colon resection, 6 months of folfox, takedown surgery. At that point my original treating medical oncologist told me to come back in 6 months for blood work. I had scheduled my follow up with a different oncologist who immediately did a PET/CT which my original onc didn't order post-treatment. He said there was no need. Bam. Stage IV as I had progressed on folfox.

This is why I urge everyone to be their own advocate. I believe that on that first followup protocol, I'd be dead by now. 3 years seem like a very long time to have no colonoscopy. Scans will not show colon tumors or polyps, but you already know that. You already know what you want to do. Don't be afraid to stand up to your surgeon or get a new one.

Good Luck,


PamPam2's picture
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Hi Madre
I am not a doctor, but I think 3 years is too long also. Everthing I have learned through my colon cancer journey/ education says at least every year(some people have them every 6 months even) for at least 3 to 4 years, I am nearing my 5 year mark and have just been moved to every 2 years. You really have to stand up for yourself with a lot of doctors, if you are not comfortable with what the doctor is telling you, you must insist on what you think is right, or even find another doctor! Wishing you the best.

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My oncologist said I need one 4 months after surgery, another at my one year mark, and then yearly until 5 years. I would revisit that decision if I were you.


tootsie1's picture
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Joined: Feb 2008

I thought you could go to 3 years if you had a clean colonoscopy. I don't consider having a polyp a clean colonoscopy!


Posts: 75
Joined: May 2008

I just had my one year followup colonoscopy and it was clean---praise God---but my gi says back in a year. I was only stage 1, but still coming back yearly. I am VERY ok w/ that. I would want to be safe.

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I was diagnosed stage 1 after my colon resection. I had a colonoscopy 6 months after surgery and another one year later. Both colonoscopies were clear. At that point (October 2007), I was told to come back in three years (this GI doc was a colleague of the original GI doc). I was a little hesitant because the first GI doc said I would have annual colonoscopies for the first several years and would never go more than three years in between. The oncologist I had met with after my surgery said to follow the GI doc's recommendation as to follow-up colonoscopies. He also said that I needed to have a very thorough physical every year. I've had the annual physicals and my PCP says I'm in great shape. In March of this year when I had my physical, she asked me when my next colonoscopy would be. I told her October 2010 and she verified the date from my file. Because of the annual physicals and the fact that I go to the doctor every time anything seems out of the ordinary (canceritis, I guess LOL), I am OK with waiting three years after two clear colonoscopies. You might check with your GI doc for his recommendations about time between colonoscopies. I would also suggest checking with your onc about your concern over three years in between colonoscopies.

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Joined: Feb 2007

That doesn't sound right. I was Stage II and I had a 1-year followup colonoscopy which was clean. Since it was clean, they told me to come back in 2 years, which I was not comfortable with. However, I went along with the program since my oncologist confirmed that time frame. The 2-year one is coming up in August. HOWEVER, when I asked about it, my GI doc & my onc confirmed that if I had even had 1 polyp they would have done another one in a year. So double check on that and try to get one sooner than that, especially since there was a polyp.


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