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Hello everyone

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I just found this site yesterday (5/27/09) and wanted to check in. I'm 67 (pushing 68), a Kaiser member and live in Hayward, CA.

I found out there was the possibility of PC quite by accident in August of 2007 (interesting story if anyone is interested). I was subsequently diagnosed with PC around the end of October 2007 and immediately started doing all the research on treatment options I'm sure you did as well. Of 10 biopsy samples, 3 showed cancer.

Aftr considering everything from prostate removal to exteral beam radiation to brachytherapy to "watchful waiting," I elected the brachytherapy (seed implants).

My PSA readings were:

8/10/07 4.8
4/10/18 1.1 (post surgery)
7/09/08 0.4
10/7/08 0.2
1/08/09 0.4 (slight "bounce" but of no concern)
7/10/09 To be determined

Other than being hospitalized, which I hate, the worst part of the procedure was the stupid catheter that I had to leave in for 4 days - these things are NOT "guy" friendly - LOL

Side effects of brachytherapy were/are pretty much as expected. For the first 3-5 months it was hard to urinate but the terazosin (2mg) helped. Another side effect involved a sudden and almost uncontrollable need to have a bowel movement. That particular problem has greatly subsided in the last 6-7 months. I also experienced a lack of "desire" AND the ability to "perform." The one time I tried several months ago, it was SO painful I thought about swearing off sex forever but, being a guy.....

In the last month or so, things have started to swing back toward normal but the jury is still out.

OK, I've rambled on enough for the time being. If anyone has questions about brachtherapy or anything related to PC, let me know.


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Welcome to the site. Sounds like your decision has been successful despite the post side effects. Do you recall your Gleason scores. I had the DaVinci procedure a couple of months ago so it is too late for me to condider anything else but I am interest in your story. Sounds like you have a lot to offer anyone considering this option.

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I just located my Gleason scores and need to correct my initial post where I stated 3 areas that showed cancer. I actually had 4 areas and my Gleason scores were 3+3, 3+3, 3+3 and 3+4.


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i will be 55 in july. i had my brachy and tomo radiation last sept and oct. i didn't have any seeds implanted. so i must have had the updated version of brachy i was told i'd have. i had the caths in for 2 days and with some help from the morphine i did okay until they adjusted them. i haven't really had any side effects exceot from the radiation. all of my plumbing works great, so i am blessed. i still take some meds but most if it is for sugar issues and 2 strokes i had while i was in the hospital. the sugar i can control with working out and the strokes were worked through very quickly in the hospital. except for the side effects of the radiation i am doing pretty good. i was told up front it would be a year minimum for the radiation effects to wear off. i do okay 99% of the time. then i have a tired day every so often. i work 8 to 10 hour days, get 6 to 7 hours of sleep and call it good. where were you treated at and for how long. i was treated at the cancer treatment centers of america in tulsa for 2 months, then had 2 weeks at home before going to work. as far the urge to merge, it is there but often i am so wired up about life now that i get to bed late and the wife is usually sleeping when i arrive. i hope things improve for you. tony

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It sounds like you had the high dosage brachytherapy vs. seed implants.

"HDR temporary brachytherapy instead involves placing very tiny plastic catheters into the prostate gland, and then giving a series of radiation treatments through these catheters. The catheters are then easily pulled out, and no radiactive material is left in the prostate gland. A computer-controlled machine pushes a single highly radioactive iridium seed into the catheters one by one. Because the computer can control how long this single seed remains in each of the catheters, we are able to control the radiation dose in different regions of the prostate. We can give the tumor a higher dose, and we can ensure that the urine passage (urethra) and rectum will receive a lower dose. This ability to modify the dose after the needles are placed is one of the main advantages of temporary brachytherapy over permanent seed implants."


The seeds I had implanted had a half-life of 60 days so it takes about 24 months for the radiation to clear out of your system. The only thing I had to be careful of for the first few months was to stay away from babies and pegnant women due to radiation concerns (probably a bit of overkill but it's better to play it safe).

My surgery was pretty much outpatient at the Kaiser facility in Roseville, CA. Now when I say "outpatient," I mean I went in at around 12:30, hit the table around 2:00 and I "think" I woke up around 6:30 and was driven home (a two hour trip of which I remember very little)

The seed implants don't require any additional treatment so once it's done you just do follow up visits to have your PSA checked. I'll be doing my 18 month test on July 10th. Needless to say, I'm hoping the level is very low. :)

Hang in there Tony, I'm sure you have it whipped!

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I just had my surgery the 22nd. All is good, my gleason was one in twelve positive 3+3. It was found early. Age 54, with Kaiser also. Had the robotic surgery done in Los Angeles. Excellent Dr. Just called, said cancer WAS contained, ALL MARGINS CLEAR. No sign of further cancer. Get the cath out mon, test in a month


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I've read most of your postings and I'm so glad to hear that news!

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I have not been treated yet but leaning towards robotic surgery. Will make final decision on June 8th after talking with that Doctor at Vanderbilt in nasvhille, Tn.

I visited a Dr. in Atlanta that does something he developed called prostrcision. It is seed implants followed up starting one later with 35 radiation treatments. He only gave me a 56% Chance of being cancer free in 10 years, which is why I'm anxious to see what the Dr. with his Robot has to say.

I had 5 of 12 biopsys with cancer. 3 were at 4+3 = 7 and 2 at 3+4 = 7

Dr. in Atlanta said the 4+3 7 is harder to treat then the 3+4.


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