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newly diagnosed aml 1 week ago

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Joined: May 2009

Starting day 3 of chemo, stage m6-7, will fight the fight and play the hand that is dealt. i am a 57yo single man with a great family support. Next state is to see after 14 days with marrow check. I also have that wacky dna strand which will not help the process. expecting to be in this hosp for 6 weeks then a possible marrow transplant, it all depends. I am praying to beat this as we all are. If anyone else wants to chat hit me back richard

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Richard, it sounds to me you have everything in order to conquer this hurdle in your life. Prayers, family support and a great attitude. That is a recipe for a complete recovery. We daily give out our prayers to everyone battling leukemia, and this will include you. What hospital are you at? Andy

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I am going for my consolidation chemo on Tuesday. Because of my great attitude, my docs have been astonished at my progress thus far. I have had a total of 3 bone marrow biopsies. I have to say, I'd rather have chemo. I'm still hurting from the last one and it was two weeks ago. The doc says my bones are very hard. I said, "I don't even drink milk." He says, "Don't start." The first two came back inconclusive. Still waiting on third result, but I'm expecting the same.

I have an awesome support system. My work, a bunch of people I've never met, but talk to on the internet all the time. It's a hobby site.

I'm a 45 yo woman, with a sense of humor. while in the hospital the first time (33 days), I was pulling pranks on the nurses all the time. I dressed up my beige colored pillow and put it in my bed. It had a do rag and my sunglasses. his name was Bob. I forged a note from the doc saying I could leave the hospital to go to Walmart.

I have a whole new set ready for them next week. Starting with my outfit for check in.

That 'C' on my chart is for Clark, no crazy, right?

I hope we can talk and support each other through this. Our family is great support, but only another person going through this would truly understand.

Good luck to us both,

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hi richard curious to know how you are doing now, did you have BMT,im 44 years old, i was diagnosed almost the same time as you on May 29, 2009, im done w/ induction chemo and in process of finding matches from my siblings for stem cell transplant, please keep us posted, hope everything is alright w/ you, thank you and god bless

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HI! I saw your posting and thought I would give you some information that I know. My husband has leukemia. AML M3,so Acute Promylocytic Leukemia. He is right now in the process of a BMT. He is having the Autologous transplant so he is his own donor.
He just got his first round of chemo to knock his cell count to zero and wait for it to go up so they can harvest his stem cells. Today was actually his first day of harvesting. Monday he should be admitted to hospital for a week of radation and chemo...then transplant.
While I dont know first hand what the Allo tranplant is like I can certainly inform you of how my husband progress is going. I know what it is like to wonder. really not knowing what the unknown may be is the worst. What I really want is someone to tell me what to expect. Someone who has had the experience. And while it is not me that is in that bed it might as well be because I am with him every second of every day.
But, keep stong. Keep a good attitude. That is key! Doctors gave my husband a %75-%80 chance for cure! You can beat it!

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