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late effects of radiation

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My 31 yr. old daughter had a brain tumor, radiation and chemo when she was 16. Currently, she is suffering from "episodes" where her speech becomes slow, sounds "retarded" (forgive my use of that word)and frequently feels extremely tired. Are these symtoms that you recognize? These symptoms were diagnosed as "seizure" several years ago and she went on seizure meds, but now the final word is not seizure. She went for 9 months with no events, and now is having several each week. Hopefully, one of you have experienced similar symtoms. I would be most grateful.

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I'm 25 yrs past the end of treatment- operation, radiation and chemo- for medula blastoma-brain tumor. I've had a few little episodes like that, not seizure like, but slightly minorly messed up speech. The biggest late effects from radiation was a benign tumor on top of my brain.

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I hope all is well, I notice your post was some time ago, I had a seizure like episode, since then I have experienced sever memory loss, headaches and insomnia. I'm 34 years old and have to live with my mother, my husband passed away 3 years ago.


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Hi Brandie,

My memory isn't good either but seems to get a little worse as I get older. I am finding
that I keep reading the same articles over again until something clicks and I realize I
read this.

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