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job discrimination

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Five years ago I was diagnosed with brain cancer.
I had brain surgery and 2 years of chemotherapy. The MRIs have not shown any regrowths.

Since I came back to work from a medical disability. My performance reviews have been intimidating and humiliting.
I can not afford to quit my job and their harrassment is adding stress to our lives.

To be a double cancer survivor I don't expect to make a living from the Company's charity. All cancer survivors have the right to live with dignity and continue to have a productive life.
Our perspective of life and its expectancy makes us the easy prays.

I don't fight my cancers but I'm afraid of the arrogance of power and their ignorance.

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Hello I am looking for hope. In March my husband had surgery for an astrocytoma grade III. They removed 80 to 85% and he is currently doing radiation and temador(chemo). What type of cancer did you have? It is so nice to see people beat the odds with this stuff. I pray everyday that my husband will too, get to return to work as he really does miss it.

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There is hope.
I had two years of Temodar's chemotherapy. April 18, 2000 by brain was resected. The diagnosis was an anaplastic mixed glioma grade IV, 3.5 years life expectancy.
Temodar is a mild chemotherapy that will not affect your husband's life. He will be able to go back to work and continue doing his best.
I strongly suggest him to go back to work asap. Companies force employees to collect disability.
I'm an engineer and my brain still clicking.
Stay positive and keep your husband in shape, he is capable of living a good life and enjoy it.
There is hope and I'm one of its miracles. You husband will be a survivor.

I wish you my best and stay positive

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My husband was diagnosed with astrocytoma, grade 2 -4, inoperable, prognosis of 2-5 years to live. He continued to work all through his radiation treatments. I wanted him to retire and take disability. He refused. His doctor offered him the option, he refused. It was the right thing for him. Last year, one of his subordinates left. He had been waiting for my husband to become more ill, so he could apply for his position. He wasn't mean about it. He talked to the big boss and wanted the opportunity to advance. My husband didn't give it to him. They were good colleagues at times. But it was very hurtful that he assumed my husband would die and he would get promoted. It caused bad feelings all around.

Also, a client found out about the brain cancer and publicly questioned my husbands ability to do his job in a letter to the head honchos. They stood by him and still do. He does his job as well as ever. He leaves earlier these days and actually takes vacation! But he is a valuable and valued employee. This has done wonders for his morale. If he quit, like I wanted him to do, he would have lost one of the most important things in his life - his work. That alone would have killed him.

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Interesting one. I had just finished my third craniotomy, and had to fight my personnel department to get back to work, even though all my doctors cleared me 100%. I discovered that there was a enormous amount of discussion ongoing between management and others as to my future status, and all based on little knowledge. Now, one year later I am starting Chemo, and after the first cycle, have decided NOT to tell my company or peers. People outside the Brain Tumor and Cancer world sometimes only want to look at the potential negative outcomes. To all of them, I've discovered they are NOT part of my caregiver team, just an employer looking to make money, or individual looking to spread gossip. My family and myself are the ones taking this disease on; so just like I wouldn't go to a chiropractor for this, I don't need to include them as long as I am able to work.

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My boss continuously complained that I am slow and still make errors on the computer even
after she let me go to another computer class. This boss did not like the fact that I left
work late even though I never asked for overtime. Due to all these complaints I put in for
accomodations to help me work faster since it bothered her and I was being harrased. I had a letter sent to human resources listing the accomodations asking for(not many). After about
3 weeks I finally got a response. Human resources agreed to help only I had been terminated
2 weeks earlier. My lawyer says he can't fight descrimination because I was terminated. I am
pretty sure that boss's try to eliminate you when they might have to do a little extra to
accomodate a worker unless you are on the favorite list of the boss.

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I have been harrased out of jobs. I have read that when employers can not find a reason to let you go they start by making your life a living hell. I realized with help why I have trouble at work and get harrased out of a job. Late effects from my treatment get in the way and cause me to work at a slower pace than others. When I found out about these late effects from treatment and continuously got harrased I asked for accomodations. Weeks after a letter was sent to human resources asking for a few simple acomodations I received a call saying I would receive help. The only problem was I had been let go prior to this call. I had never been ofered accomodations prior being let go. I have a future date to arbitrate to win my job back.

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