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My Sisters progress and Undifferentiated Cells

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Haven't posted in a while. Just a quick follow-up on my Sister's progress that I posted earlier here: http://csn.cancer.org/node/165724

She had surgery on Feb. 26th We got the final staging results in late march. They took out 31 lymph nodes and the good news is she's a stage 1B. But the bad news is 10% of the cells were classified as "undifferentiated".

I researched undifferentiated cells on medline. They are rare and are potentially more agressive than grade 3 or UPSC cells. Her doctor recommended 6 rounds of carbo/taxol, which she started around April 20th and she just had her second round a little over a week ago.

She needed a neulasta shot for low WBC and the latest problem is low platelets. We're going over to the doctors today to get check the platelet levels. Hopefully they'll be up today, they've been dropping steadily the last 2 weeks.

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Sorry the pathology results were not what you hoped to hear. Hope your sister can make it through the other chemo treatments without the low blood counts. Luckily there are shots and blood transfusions available if needed. I'll keep you and your sister in my prayers. She is lucky to have you for support.

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