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12th Folfox treatment done, I am done with chemo for good I hope

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I had a pleasant surprise, I had always been thinking I had to take 13 treatments of Folfox but the Oncologist came through and said this is number twelve and I think we should stop, wait a couple weeks and we'll get some labs and a couple more and another PET scan. I am of course pleased, but it's a shock for everything to end so abruptly. I feel great and think its terrific to not have to have another chemo treatment at least not if the scans and tests are clean. Its good news, I think. I wanted to share with this group because I have gotten so much support to date, we need to keep each other informed.


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Fernando H
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Lucky #12! well I'm on my second full day of Folfox now and can't wait to beat the daylights out of these intruders! I wish you well with your follow up labs and scans.

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Hi Mike,
Fabulous that you are done! You did it and as you said this should be it for you. Congratulations.

Julie 44
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Congrats on being NED...It is such a relief to be done with treatments and the side effects will go away and you will feel a new normal..You will always have cancer on your mind but you can now get back to life the way it used to be...I am having a BIG NED BBQ to celebrate hope you celebrate somehow too. You deserve it for making it through...Enjoy JULIE

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Congrats! It's got to be a great relief to be done - hope you are celebrating! I have number 12 next week, and intend to pop a bottle of champagne next weekend!

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Great news......I know you must feel totally like
a load has been lifted off your shoulders....here's
hoping the scans and blood work come through A-OK....
and then you will be soaring with feet off the ground...


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I hope you are all done too Mike

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That is great news. What a nice surprise to have chemo end ahead of time. You've got to feel great knowing that part is behind you. Time to celebrate. Kim

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Oh, Mike... I am soooo happy for you!! Yes, 12 is the magic number... so what a pleasant surprise to think you had one more to go and now you have been set free :)

I hear you on the sense of shock or something when everything comes to an end... pronto quickly! It's like you dread going in for the treatments, but you can count on the routine, the blood tests, the constant monitoring of the chemo techs/nurses, etc. Then, all of a sudden it stops... you are told you will have blood work in 2 months or so and boom... no one calls you anymore . This is a GOOD thing when the calls stop, but still.. it takes some getting used to.

As a matter of fact, do NOT be surprised if you go through a bit of the blues soon... that is soooo common and soooo normal! From the day we are dx'd to the day of the last chemo, we are pushed, prodded, poked, scanned and it seems we are always going to this, that and another appt. Although it's a pain and time-consuming, we know it's in our best interests and as long as we have this much attention being paid to us, we know nothing will slip under the wire. Then all of a sudden, it's over and you are given your life back... but you haven't had your life for 6-8 months so now what do you do??

But it won't take you long to get back into the swing of things :) And when you do have to go back for the blood test and then a scan, you'll find that those appts. are interferring with your life .

But I'm so happy for you that it's over for the time being and hopefully forever... and you've come out of it feeling just fine!! All you newbies... pay attention! It's true... you can go through ALL 12 chemo treatments and at the end still feel like your old self... a little worse for wear, but able to claim your life back :)



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Thanks for the thoughtful post, I do feel better each day. One complaint still my feet and hands are numb and hurt often. But think about the alternative. I'll fight this neuropathy too. This too will pass.; Thanks again.

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We started this journey about the same time. I have 2 more rounds of mop-up chemo, then (hopefully) I am finished as well! The time seems to be going quickly...it's only been 7 months since my DX.

Keep up the positive attitude! Vicki

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good for you Mike. What a lovely treat to be done....well done


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It's a big accomplishment! Best wishes for NEDness!

Hugs and prayers,

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Way to go Mike! so happy to hear about this news! enjoy the peace away from all the medical stuff for awhile!


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I have a pic of myself leaving the chemo office with a bouquet of flowers my daughter brought with her to my last treatment back in 2005. It sits right above my right monitor so I can always remember that feeling! It's good to make it through! Celebrate when you are feeling better!

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Yea for you! So great for you to be done. Hooray,Hooray It's no more chemo day!! I took 7 of my biggest supporter and we went to Bennihana's and celebrated. You should celebrate too. It's a big accomplishment to make it to number 12.

I too felt kinda strange when my treatments were stopped sooner than I had anticipated(pulmonary emboli). I was able to finish all 12 but was to do another 6 months of Avastin alone and only was able to do one of those. Don't be suprised ,as Cheryl said ,if it takes some getting used to. It took me a while to figure out how to start "living" again because for 6+ months I was so focused on not "dying". It gets easier as time passes and you will start to feel better each day. I do have to admit,though,that I am not very good at the "wait and see" game. My scan is less than 3 weeks away and I am getting the pre-scan jitters already.


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Mike, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you. Savor that feeling of freedom enjoy every day!
We're going to assume in advance that all future scans will be clean, but I'll be praying for you, as well.


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Mike I am Happy for you I hope the test show ned


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How great you must feel! I start my Folfox and Avastin the end of May for 8 rounds. Honestly I am scared of it. I have read all the side effects and they scare me. Can you offer any advise?

Go celebrate!!

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Remember the disco Oooh Oooh? That's how I feel for you! When chemo is over it's a huge weight off your shoulders. Be careful about feeling depressed, though. Sometimes we feel like we're not actively fighting the disease when we get off chemo. Not to worry. The feeling will pass. Meantime, CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON!....


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Hi Mike,

I'm so glad to hear your milestone of hitting #12 and being DONE!!
Of course there will be the follow up and probably the anxiety that goes with it, but you can claim victory over having beaten down those Folfox side effects and coming through it all!
Life goes on.... :) !


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Im proud of ya bud....its over......now enjoy life ....... :)

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Congrats on being done. I trust the scans will show NED and you will be a great success story. Enjoy your freedom.


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We started this fight together and we;re going to see it through. Thanks for your nice post. I'm hoping for great progress for your too.

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great news mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks to all of you with this heartfelt outpouring of support. I have a PET scan and a CT in 10 days, I am nervous but feel better each day. I don't want to have to fight more right now, but I also know that if I have too, I can with friends like these. I will let you know soon where this journey is heading. I am glad that through this all I always tried not to let the cancer define me, but me be Mike and have a fight with cancer as part of that life. I think, proactive long term plans help. I have lots to do and I plan to be here for it. Good luck to us all, you guys are the best.


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You spoke of neuropathy...My fingers are getting a little better I can tell but my toes were a little more advanced and hopefully will make a full recovery sooner or later...Its nothing we can't handle though...I still don't have any strength or stamina but I feel great.....Hang in there Bud...Im sure the scans will be fine.....Then I want to hear your holler all the way to Paducah Ky....... :)

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Good luck on your scans . Repeat after me.... NED ... NED... NED

Let us know


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They usually do it in groups of 12. Maybe he said 13 to throw you off so he could surprise you? Anyway, congrats. I hope things stay clear and that's that.

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Congratulations on number twelve. I have no doubt you will be ned your next scan. I still have 10 more to go but you can better believe as soon as i know that alcohol will not cause me any adverse effects from the chemo, After number 12 I will be having a night on the town with my buds. I might even jump on a table and do a naked happy dance. Something noone wants to see but after colon cancer modesty goes out the window. I could keep my pride, but who cares?
Cancer? whatever.....


Phil - I guess you don`t have to wait to party. You`ve got your happy herbs.

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