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Back where I started!??!!!???

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Went for my check up with the dr and basically was told that the biopsy he took from the area of suspision was inadequate. He said there was too much scar tissue in the way from the ablation to surgicaly fix it during the hysteroscopy. He also left a cyst on my ovary that is about the size of a softball. why? because he thought it was just probably a functional cyst and that I must have been getting ready to ovulate. Well I had to remind him that the day of the procedure I just started my period and obviously not ovulating. He said the only way to get a good sample of that tissue in my uterus was to do a hysterectomy and the only way to get that cyst off my ovary was to remove the ovary. He looked back at the 2 ultrasounds I had before the procedure and at the measurements taken during the lap and realized the cyst is still getting bigger. Now for his course of treatment, Let's wait 3 months and do another ultrasound and see how much bigger the cyst has gotten. And let's wait untill then to determine what to do about the tissue in your uterus that I cannot get too. Am I crazy? I feel like having those procedures were a waste of time. Yes he did remove 4 tumors from my tubes, and one from my cervix. But the main reasons for doing it are still there, growing and setting up house like they own the place. At my pre-op appt I told him that if he needed to remove anything to be 100% sure I was cancer free to go ahead and do so and that I would sign papers if needed. Is he maybe not sure of what he is doing?, or am I just confused?

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Get another doctor!!!

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You got it --read my last post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm a BIG believer in debulking surgery to slice out as much of the cancer or pre-cancer or whatever it is, OUT! I would definitely seek another opinion.

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Get your medical records and take them to another doctor. Get a second opinion!

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Get a 2nd opinion. You have to be responsible for yourself and if it doesn't seem right to you then it is not.

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Please get all of your medical records and find another doctor in your area. Call several OB/GYN clinics and ask who they use for GYN/Oncoligist. Then look up the doctor online mine is female and she was very understanding about my concerns. Good luck

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