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Hi everyone, My dr. decided to change my chemo to xeloda, I have had 19 treatments of 5fu. What can I expect from this drug, He told me what to expect but I love to hear from you! I will be taking the pill for 2 weeks then a week off etc. If he isn't happy with results he will add oxaciplatin to the regimen. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I was on 2000 mg a day and I didn't have any side effects except for two areas (one on leg and one on wrist) where I broke out in a rash and it was there for about 6 weeks but very tolerable. Kim

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Hi Karyn,

I found that I tolerated Xeloda easier than I did the 5FU. The dosage may have something to do with that, as I'm actually not sure how my 5FU dosage compared to what I got with the Xeloda. I'm currently taking 1,000 mg. of Xeloda as maintenance (along with Avastin). Prior to being on maintenance, I took 2,000 mg/day two weeks on and then two weeks off (this was at the same time I was receiving Avastin and irinotecan).
It took a while for me to notice any side effects and I noticed that after being off of it for two weeks, I'd have no side effects the first week I'd go back on it, but they'd hit the second week and linger through the first half of my first "off" week.
My side effects included some sleepiness, some diarhea, and some peeling skin on the soles of my feet and peeling fingertips. Actually, the peeling feet and fingertips didn't happen to me until I had been on it for many months- just the tiredness and diarhea hit me earlier (the diarhea was not a major problem, however- more minor- maybe 2-3 days a day and definitely not every day). Hope that helps-

Best wishes,

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The only side effect that I had during 4 months of Xeloda was redness on the soles of my feet. I began using Gold Bond Ultimate healing lotion as soon as I started the Xeloda, on both feet and hands - feet needed it more. I was taking 1800 mg twice per day, so 3600 mg per day. After a busy day on my feet, there would be more redness, so I would apply additional lotion. I usually did the lotion at least twice per day.

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I've been taking it for a few months. I was taking 6 pills a day for two weeks and then one week off. By the second round I started having blisters on my feet and my hand were sensitive. I didn't finish the third round due to not being able to walk from so many blisters. Now I take the 6 pills for one week and then have two weeks off. Much better. I'm taking it as maintenance with Avastin.

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I'm taking 4 pills, twice a day. Two weeks on, two weeks off. (I started with 2 weeks on, one week off and a lower dosage). Side effects for me are mild and manageable. Which is good because I'm on this as maintenance. Mild fatigue (I have a nap every day -- but still working part-time and exercising, etc). Sore skin on bottoms of feet (mild blisters). Use a lot of lotion frequently. My hands are fine. Occasional diarrhea. And this round I had mild nausea but I haven't had that before and I've been on for many months. I found it easier than 5FU. Less nausea. And I love being able to take a pill, vs. going in to the hospital for a drip.

Good luck to you!


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