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Ankles and legs really swollen the last 2 days. Serious?

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I only have a couple of days before my external radiation starts and I plan to drive down to see my sister and step-mother tomorrow for an overnight visit. My problem: after taking the grandkids to an Amusement Park yesterday, and being on my feet all day, my ankles and lower legs ballooned up quite a bit. And even after a good night's sleep, I woke UP with swollen ankles and legs and they've stayed that way all day, even when elevated. If I press on them, it doesn't leave an indentation or white mark like I associate with water retention. There is no pain at all, and they are both equally swollen so I don't think it's a blood clot. I don't want to call my oncologist and mess up my trip to my sister's!! (When I had swollen ankles months ago, when I phoned it in to the oncology nurse, they made me come in to see seen.) Do you think I can ignore this until my radiation appointment Thursday morning? I really miss my sister and haven't seen her since Thanksgiving. My husand is all worried and miffed at me for not calling this in.

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Hard to say why your legs and feet would swell up now. Being on them all day could be the reason. It sounds like you have been more active working out in your yard, so you have been up on them. Since you have no pain in your legs or feet, I would think you would be okay to wait until Thursday. I presume there is not redness, warm areas, or tenderness in any part of the leg. Maybe the heat wave you have had, has something to do with the swelling. I think seeing your sister would do you good (except that if you have to drive very far that won't help the swelling. Make sure you get out and walk every couple hours.
I asked the doctor about lymphedema to the legs, since I too had so many lymph nodes removed (and others had talked about problems with leg swelling). He said it usually happens right after the surgery, and since I had not had any problems with swelling, I probably would not have any swelling. I am still able to walk everyday.
Hope you get to visit with your sister.

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Linda, I have been having some swelling in my feet, ankles and lower legs when I am on them for an a while. Usually the swelling is gone when I wake up the next day. I don't know what might cause that.
I think Ro's advice sounds good. As long as there is no pain, redness or warmth. The trip in the car is concerning, but if you get out and walk around frequently it might be okay.
I do understand you desire to see your sister, but you don't want to compromise your health either. Maybe it will be gone when you wake in the morning!
Good luck with your decision and I will say a special prayer for you.
Loads of hugs,

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Linda, I don't have the swelling in the legs but in my hands. It drives me crazy and sometimes it gets worse in the morning when I wake up. When they swell I drink alot more water than usual and that seem to help alot.

I'm with Deanna, if there is no pain, redness or warmth that's good. I'd be in the car visiting my sister and getting out a lot is great advice too! I was extremely frustrated the other day because my bones will still hurt and I couldn't open a jar and I started yelling. My husband came to help me I told him I could do it myself, this damn thing isn't going to get me!!!!!

Sending you cyber hugs and saying a prayer.



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