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Sorry, diarrhea problem

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I've had radical urgencies at inappropriate times to to go to the bathroom & totally freakingy out that I can't make it. Well, today it happened at work. Thank the good Lord my husband could bring me a change.

I take Immoidum alot but sometimes it hits when I'm not expecting it. I notice it when I get sudden bout of "stress" or after eating. Maybe it's my diet??? Not sure.

Does this happen to anyone else.

Had my surgery 2/2009. I'm doing well just experiencing embarassing side affects.

I've recently started anticholestoral meds and wondering if that my be contributing to my problem.

Sadly there are changes to my bowel habits, humility has a whole new meaning to me.

Thanks for any inputs.


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Sorry, my surgery was 2007.

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Less intestine less storage space. Immodium AD for gas as well might help. My experience has been the need to go increases after eating almost immediately regardless of the size or content of the meal. I always keep a change of clothes at work for the reason you have stated and it works pretty well. I had my treatments back in early 2006 and the bowel changes have gotten better but not perfect. Sometimes they come without warning and/or knowledge. Just one of the perks of making it through the cancer (thus far). It is possible medication will cause this pleasant side effect so look up you meds of the web and look for side effects and it should give you the answers you seek. There may be alternatives. As far as humility you fought your way through cancer and its treatments so those around you who have not fought your fight should understand the toll of survival. Take Care!

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I haven't ever NOT made it, but even being almost 2 years from last rounds of chemo and 3 years from last surgery, I still have times when I have to stay close to home due to having problems running to the bathroom. Usually it's related to something I've eaten, although it hasn't gotten to the point where I have to journal my food to see just what is the culprit! When i was on chemo it got so bad that I bought depends to keep from having to be worried. My sister has ulcerative colitis and she is the one who recommended the depends since she had such a horrible time of it when it acted up. Thankfully with medication she hasn't had any issues since back when I was first diagnosed with cancer! I know when i started on my blood pressure pills I started having diarrhea until my body adjusted, so it certainly could be the cholesterol meds.

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This is a problem that oncs don't seem to be very helpful with other than the rx pad.I found lomotil better than immodium and definately gas-x and beano with every meal is important.
I found it really stressful not knowing when it might happen and almost became agoraphobic
Then I started researching.......I keep a daily food and activity journal to track food triggers. It really helps. When I MUST be on the road or far away from the john I don't eat for several hours beforehand and never eat away from home unless it is food I know won't run thru me. The primary triggers for me are fresh fruit, veggies, anything w/ fat ( fried food, meat, dark meat poultry, poultry skin,) fructose, any food additive at all, alchohol, carbonated drinks, dairy,whole grains)
Check out www.helpforibs.com for the most practical help on what food NOT to ever eat to prevent diahreha (and constipation too.) It is a miracle program for me. By following this program I don't have the runs any more unless I "cheat" and eat something not on the program.
Best of luck. It takes time and effort but is worth it.

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My colon cancer was discovered in 2003 and have been through chemo, etc. I still have diarrhea. Once in a while it is solid but I haven't been able to discover what makes the difference. All I can say is, when the urge comes, don't try to postpone it like you may have been able to do before. I've tried to do it for several years and it always ends up disastrous. If the urge comes when I'm in a meeting, I quickly excuse myself and leave. If there are questions afterward I'll explain that when mother nature calls I have about 1 min. to get to the restroom. If more questions are asked, I explain about the cancer and advise everyone listening to get a colonoscopy. Because of my cancer about 8 friends discovered they too had cancer in various stages. Several of those have died from it. Mine was stage 3.5. The ones that died had stage 4.

When it first happened, while I was still on Chemo, I was driving on the freeway. I was able to stop it until I could get off, but almost literally passed out. Talking to a doctor afterward, he said that the body will literally cause you to pass out so it can evacuate. I keep an extra pair of underwear in my car in case of a problem. If you don't drive, put them in a container in your desk.
Mine is also unpredictable but usually happens within a half hour after eating.
I thought for a while that it occurred more often when I had eaten rich food. I'm still not sure. It just about always happens when I eat beef. It seems to have to do with gas also. Lately, once in a while when I get up to go, things move around and I don't have to go urgently.

Another thing that happens is very loud growling noises come from my abdoman sometimes. They are loud enough that if anyone says anything about it, we all get quite a laugh about it.

Good Luck. Let me know if you find any cure.

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As usual, I truly appreciate your feedback. Where in the world could I share my disgusting diarrhea problems but here~~and you guys get it.

I'm going to mention it to my onc in a couple weeks. I think I'm getting paranoid and I don't want to go there.

You guys are great!


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