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Daffodials and chemo

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Phillig, I can't remember if the cancer society gets donations if we purchase daffodils. I looked for your post, but could not find it this time. Anyway, I went to the grocery store today and noticed they had a potted daffodil plant in the floral department and I bought it. It made me feel good.

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Hey Jenben,

Yes, Daffodils are both the flower of hope for the American Cancer Society and the Canadian Cancer Society and April is both Society's Daffodil month.

Both societies have Daffodil days where they sell daffodils for donations to try and stop cancer from being a life-threatening illness. They have volunteers out in communities selling them for this cause.

Here is a link to both societies fundraising drives:

Canadian Cancer Society and Daffodil Fundraiser

American Cancer Society and Daffodil Fundraiser



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You are full of information. If I ask a question on this site, you have an answer. Thank you. That baby is adorable.

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She certainly does have a lot of great info.

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