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Did anyone see Oprah yesterday on growing your own new liver etc with no need for antirejection meds

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It was very exciting.. not even Dr Oz was aware of how far they had come in this technology. There is a video on her website right now where you can see the place they are doing this.. Anyway, they can take a mold or an animal liver, bladder, heart etc,,whatever organ it is.. and they remove all the cells and then they take your own cells and blood etc.. and put it on this mold and it regrows your own organ in just a couple of weeks.. and it is your own.. so you do not need to take antirejection meds or anything. They talked about someone who had bladder cancer and they took out the bladder, grew the person a new one and they were on their way....also there was a guy who cut off the end of his finger, and they could not find the tip.. so they gave him this powder stuff with cells, and he put it on the cut off end and put a bandaid on it every day and it regrew the tip of his finer..with the nail and everything! Crazy!! My question is what cells do they use to put on the organs..because you would think that if they are using your own cells, they would have to make sure they are cells that cannot contain cancer..but they did not explain that at all... but you would think that if a person got mets into their liver that they could do the same as with the bladder, and it it got mets again, just keep replacing it... especially since you wouldn't need anti-rejection meds.. they of course did not get into all of the scenarios, but it sure looked promising. They are saying with this technology and the fact they can take out cancers, take out bad hearts, valves, carotid arteries etc.. and instead of replacing with artifical things, they think life span will increase to live well into our 100's....

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here's a link to that video and I was excited to see it's Wake Forest where the lab is; that's where I'm going for my next major surgery in May! Tissue Regeneration

Note, they seem to be having a problem with the loading of the video, but you can read the article if you are seeing problems with the video!

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