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CyberKnife Treatment of Prostate Cancer

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I am Gleason 6 Stage 2 I have not had any treatment yet. A clinical trial for CyberKnife is going on in my area. Does anyone know what the short term and long term results are. My urologist doesn't want to talk about it. His recomodation is internal and external radiation.

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Aloha Capusta,
You can get the answers to the questions you are asking at
for the Cyberknife treatment.
As I understand Cyberknife, it is probably not a good choice for your Stage 2.
Internal radiation, seeding, is also questionable for prostate cancer Stage 2.
EBRT/IMRT with ultra-sound would probably be split in to two parts, Pelvic Cavity & Prostate Specific. Other than chemo (not ADT alone) it is very difficult to nutralize your cancer Stage 2.
What are the results of your biopsy? What is your PSA over 6 months? Why were you told you have Stage 2?

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Go to this link for Georgetown University Hospital. There are videos for CyberKnife and other information on pc that I found very useful. Dr Collins reviews the procedure and tells his criteria for accepting patients for this option. Hope it helps and good luck with your decision.



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i am not sure what type of radiation you are being offered. i had brachy followed by tomo radiation. it isn't a overnight stay treatment. but i've had good results. find out what type of radiation and the side effects short term and long term. as my doctor told me, there is no silver bullet. best of luck....

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This thread was lasted updated in 2009. No sense in commnenting on it now.

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ASAdvocate responded to a highly critical post that must have been removed.

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I am scheduled to consult a dr. for cyberknife treatment for prostate cancer. Would appreciate any inputs regarding what questions I should ask. I am not sure if the machines would make difference in accuracy. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Prostate 2019,

If you do a search on Google for Cyberknife their website should come up. It’s a excellent radiation based treatment, the highly focused beam goes completely through your body so ask about collateral damage to your bladder and colon. Your Oncologist should know how to protect thoses areas, could be done by just moving the beam around so as not to impact vital organs. From what I understand the treatment is painless but as with any treatment their could be side effects. Cyberknife is done on a table with a highly accurate rotating head guided by a computer so I don’t know what you mean by a machine would make a difference?

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Hello Prostate2019

Cyberknife is the trade name for Accuray equipment.  I am two years removed from Cyberknife treatment.  There are others like Varian that are all part of the SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy) technology.  I have no reason to think that one brand would be better than another.  As someone posted on here a long time ago its the difference between a Ford and a Chevy.  As Cleveland mentioned you can do some searches and find a lot of info.  I have a couple of documents in pdf form but can't seem to figure oui if and how to attach for you.  In summary as far as machine accuracy they locate and repeat to less than a human hair diameter for the machine itself.  Taking into account all things involved with delivering the treatment to your body the targeting accuracy is extremely accurate published at about .004 inch.  I won't try to defend or argue that one but I think delivery accuracy is not the biggest concern.  The doctor will insert (in my case) 4 tiny gold fiducials to be used as targets.  By using a combination of MRI and CT scans they will more or less make a 3D model of your prostate and then develop the treatment paths.  As Cleveland mentioned the beam passes through your body so by using all of the machine axis features will do a plan to hit the prostate and miss things that shouldn't be hit.  Somr basic questions would be as with any other treatment how long the doctor has been at it, how many patients treated,  results to be normally expected, what was the Doctors worst outcomes etc.  I would ask how many treatments he wants to do and how many days to deliver.  Seems like originally they did 5 days in a row and now more and more they are doing every other day or so.  I seemed to gravitate to rest time between treatmentrs and with Doc's permission went right on 2 weeks total.  Also how much radiation total does the Doc use.  36.25 Gy was the baseline but some doctors are using 35Gy.  Hope this helps you a little with your consultation and ultimate decisions.         

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Brand new to this, please bear with me. Are there any reliable websites that indicate which facilities have more experience and/or better outcomes?

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But if yuo tell us where you are located, I might be able to suggest some good places.

I was treated at Georgetown U Med School's CyberKnife center (Washington DC).


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