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Treatment #4

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Joined: Oct 2008

Linda, I am off to treatment #4... hoping that all goes well for you and you get your last chemo!
Hugs and prayer,

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My prayers and best wishes to both of you. I wish a great celebration for you Linda and no after effects for you Deanna. Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back!!

Posts: 743
Joined: Oct 2008

My counts tanked this time. I knew I was feeling pretty bad this round. Everything tanked Hgb 10, RBC 3 and WBC 2.6 (and I got a Neulasta shot after tx). The no chemo number was platelets at 79.
I'm really glad I asked for a copy of my labs because when I got them there was no CA 125. Last time the labs were not back when I left to go to the chemo center and never found out the results. Well, I found out today that they have not done a CA 125 since January and I thought they were doing one with each treatment. It has never been elevated, but I think that it should still be followed!
Have you all been getting CT scans every 3 months? Now after finding out that the CA125's haven't been followed, I am pretty sure he said CT every 3 months. If that is the case, I am due for a CT scan as well. Wow... and I thought I was paying them to take care of me! My husband doesn't like my doctor, thinks he is a salesman. Treated me like a queen until he knew he had my business, now he's forgetful. I have to remind him what he told me, he is always late, never apologized for being late or forgetting things. Am I being overly sensitive, or should I be worried?

Linda, I hope you got your final treatment today and are celebrating!

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I'm so sorry that you were also denied your chemo. With platelets at 79, you'll be okay in a week. Mine were 27 last week and just couldn't climb to a safe range in 7 days extra, and so now I've been given 3 extra days to try and get them up there from the 65 of today. Still, I know how bummed you must be. Think of it as an extra week of feeling good.

I have a CA-125 with every chemo round and have had 2 CT-scans since my surgery, with another scheduled for 2 1/2 weeks from now. (One CT Scan in October; a second in January; the next one will be in April). I always ask the hemotologist when she is drawing blood if a CA-125 was ordered for me, and if she says no, I ask her to take an extra vial while she has me 'stuck', and then I ask Dr. White to order it when I meet with him next. He's never turned me down. Maybe you can get hemotology to help you out that way, too.

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Joined: Oct 2008

Aw, you must be really bummed! I'm so sorry, I know you were excited to get the last treatment over with! My 18 year old neice is a senior in high school this year and she is on spring break this week. She was excited that she would be able to spend some time with me. I told her I probably wouldn't be much fun this week after having my treatment. She said she didn't care, she just wanted to spend some time with me and she would just have to take care of me. She is so sweet. So she is on her way to my house now and is excited to be able to spend some time with me while I am feeling good. Blessing in disquise?
She likes to go have pedicures done together, I'm trying to decide if it would be safe for me to do right now. I may just trim my own nails and go with her and soak mine and have them painted. I would hate for them to snip skin off and me not be able to stop it from bleeding! What do you think?

It does make me feel a little better to know that you have to check up on your doctors orders. He is usually attentive to my requests, so I guess I won't worry about it.

Take care and build up those platelets quick! I'm praying for you.

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Deanna I love your new picture. You look great, and happy. Sorry you could not get your chemo as scheduled. Hope your platelet count in up by next week. Hope you got to enjoy the day with your neice. Bleeding is risk with your platelet counts, so trimming your own nails is probably best. Or filing the nails instead reduces the risk of cutting skin. I have never had a pedicure, so I don't know how careful they are with your nails.

Sorry to hear you are having such problems with hot flashes, too. I know I had plenty of them years ago going through menopause. Don't have any suggestions on how to get through them, as you have to see what works for you. I would (and still do sometimes) go outside to cool off. That's not so easy to do in the middle of the night though. My hot flashes usually happen later in the evening before bedtime.
HUGS to you.

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