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I had a CT scan a couple of weeks ago and everything came back good. Now I have my colonoscopy in the next couple of weeks. What are the chances they will find something during that. Is there anything to worry about or would the CT scan of picked it up? Also, my onc. told me after the colonoscopy if everything is ok I can have my port taken out, is this too early? I ended chemo about 6 weeks ago.

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Hopefully your scope will be good. They will see the scar tissue if you had surgery. If they do see anything they will biopsy when they do the scope, and if there are any new polyps they can also remove them right then. Most doctors want you to keep your port for a while, just in case, I kept mine 4 years before I got it removed. I have had a scope done yearly for past 4 years since my chemo, they biopsied suspicious looking spots, but they were always OK when tested. Wishing you the best of results when you have yours.

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We'll be praying that everything will be all clear!


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