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Desire to eat

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I'm not sure what the problem is. I want to eat but most of the time food doesn't taste right, therefore, I eat less. I find myself saying I'm full & I truly am. Food is "yuck" to me.

On that note, I'm finding out their theory, secretly, is that something is going on. I feel great otherwise, I simply can't eat much, it doesn't taste, to me, like it should. Is there something going on that I'm missing!

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Are you on chemo, cahalstead? If so, chemo (and/or radiation) is known to alter the taste of foods. Not that it alters the actual taste... but alters how you perceive the tastes. In other words, it affects the taste buds... totally normal.



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No, been off 2 yrs. Nothing has been right since.

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When I did my first round of chemo, FOLFOX 5 years ago I remember that food didn't taste great at all. I've been off that for a long time but I'm still on chemo w/o any major break. Often for a few days after I have chemo I'm not very hungry but I have not had a long enough break to give much help. I would hope that they are not withholding information from you.

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