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?? about liver enzymes

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My liver enzymes were up after after my 1st chemo and were down on Monday. I went in on Wednesday and couldn't have chemo because my white count was low. The P/A just called to say my liver enzymes from Wednesday were back up. I'll be tested again on Tuesday and we'll 'discuss this on Wednesday'.

I'm scared to death! I do have gallstones that were discovered after my colon resection.

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Hello Diane ~

Wow...that back and forth is so crazy making...I hope things get worked out so you can continue on. Regarding your question though...that would best be answered by your doctors or PA.

Wishing you well....

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Dr. had asked me if I'd had any pain or nausea this past week and I said no but hubby reminded me that Tuesday I was bent over in pain for over 5 hours with pain in my side that made me feel sick to my stomach. I also had pain between my shoulder blades and was burping like an old man. Before the other high enzyme test, I had pain during the night middle of my chest that lasted for 3 hours.

I blamed one on trapped air and the other on a muscle spasm, thinking I'd done too much too soon after surgery.

I called the office and the P/A will call me back when she's not with patients.

I've had CT scans of my liver (colon, kidneys, ovaries, lungs) in both Jan. and Feb. because I was a possible subject for a drug trial. Second CT showed something in gallbladder that looked like infection. I've had an ultrasound of liver and gallbladder that showed gallstones but no infection. That was mid February.

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My last visit to my ONC he said that my cea level had gone down, but that my liver enzymes had gond up, thisis the first I have ever heard my ONC talk about this in the whole past two years taht I have been fighting this beast, so I was a bit scared and still dont really know what it means. He (ONC) didnt seem to be worried, I did just have a pet scan a month ago and it was all clear. He will watch it and do another scan in a few months. As for what causes it I just dont know???


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I have learned recently that gallstones can cause high liver enzymes. I was on FOLFOX from 7/08 to 12/08 and had a gall bladder attack in 9/08 after which my liver enzymes were high and have stayed that way. I had a ct that didn't show them specifically, followed up by an ultrasound which did.

By the way, your pain the stomach, chest and shoulder pain along w/ burping and nausea can all be related to gallstones. Watch and see if that happens after a high fat meal.

My gallbladder is coming out next Wednesday. I managed it thru chemo, but it is now time.

Hope you find your answers soon. Good luck.

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I have a blog where I add things like what we ate, what I did that day so I went back and looked.

The DAY I had the CT scan that showed a possible infection in the gallbladder, I was in horrible pain for 3 hours before the test. Blamed it on a muscle spasm from tummy muscles healing because I'd started walking for exercise and had stretched to reach something way over my head. When it stopped, it stopped instantly! An ultrasound 10 days later showed gallstones but no infection.

The NIGHT BEFORE my first elevated enzymes, I was in pain for 3 hours. Pain was below the sternum and wrapped around my side. No movement, walking, laying down would help but when it stopped, it stopped instantly! I thought it was trapped gas or me needing to burp. I told doctor about this but since I didn't throw up.....

This week, we had fried liver and onions on Monday night. Tuesday (the day before another high enzyme reading) I had a pain in my side that lasted for over 5 hours. Bent over pain. Sick to my tummy pain. I thought it was a muscle spasm from speed walking. I also had some minor discomfort between my shoulder blades. When it stopped, it stopped instantly!

I am burping some days like an old man who drank too much beer.

Julie 44
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I am going to do my 9th tratment this week...I am also on Folfox...Friday I was in terrible pain. Very sick to my stomach, dry heaving cause I didn't have anything in my system..Sweating terribly,pain in my chest..Went to ER liver count was very high..Also had gallstones and passed them.. Felt like I was in labor again!!!! Had an endoscope done and had a shunt put in...now waiting till I am done with chemo to have the gallbladder out.But what I find strange they told me my cancer and drugs had nothing to do with it but now I see your posts and gee makes me wonder...Anyone else having this problem?? Very curious to find out..

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That was how my cancer was caught, by elevated liver enzymes. My (dopey) PCP who was/is an oncologist was doing his routine yearly checkup on me and my liver functions were high go he wanted me back in for more tests. As it turned out, I found out that day that I had stage IV colon cancer. When they did my operation after 6 months of chemo, they took my gallbladder out. The gallbladder can cause the LFT to be high. Try to not let it freak you out Diane.

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Your pain sounds really like my attacks. To me it feels like I am gonna explode from the inside. No position helps at all, although a hot bath does make it feel better. It is great that you have kept a blog on your pain and stuff, that should really help you. It sounds like your onc is on top of it and if they get too worried you could always have it out to see if the counts return down. I will keep you posted on what mine do. My Akaline Phosphate is the high one, at 224.

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Every other visit I see the P/A and she keeps saying nausea and fever are signs of GB attacks. I've only thrown up a few times in my whole life except during my first pregnancy.

I ate a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Cookie (LARGE SIZE) right before bed and woke at 3:00 with gall bladder pain. No mistaking it. It only lasted 10 minutes, thankfully, and it wasn't BAD pain.

My blog is actually just about what's going on in my life and thoughts. I've been doing it for about 3 years and it's one of the most popular on the internet! Go figure! I like to say people read my blog because it makes them feel like their lives are much more exciting than they thought! LOL I have over 217,000 hits on my blog!


Beachin Mom, Did you find a diet on the internet to follow? I'd like to hold this off if possible and certainly hold it off until my white count is back up!!!!!

Julie 44, I read that sudden weight loss can cause or trigger GB problems. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months. Did you lose weight quickly? I'd never had any symptoms of GB problems previously.

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