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Do you stay away from here when feeling unwell or down? rather than bring others down?

lindaprocopio's picture
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Joined: Oct 2008

I was nauseated and achy since my chemo Monday, (feeling better today, THANK YOU!), and purposely stayed away from posting rather than write a whiny self-pitying post that might bring any of you down that was having a good day. Made me wonder: do any of you avoid posting when you have minor discomforts than aren't really new symptoms you need help with, but are just 'sharing' posts for sharing's sake alone? I often think that when days go by and I don't see any posts from someone, wonder if they are curled up enduring some small malaise. I hope not.

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We are here for each other thick and thin. If you need to whine, you can whine here anytime. When I'm not feeling good, I don't post as much, but mainly because I just don't feel like getting on the computer. I don't mind being a shoulder for you or any of our sisters! I'm happy to hear you are feeling better today. Pamper yourself, rest and take care.

I know you are almost finished with your treatments, but my doc told me not to suffer through any nausea or pain. He said he could call in different prescriptions if the ones I have are not working.

Hang in there!
Hugs and prayers as always.

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Hi Linda, glad you are feeling better today. I don't do anything for at least a week after my chemo week because my fingers and feet are acting up and my foggy brain doesn't work well. lol
I know what I want to type but it all comes out different. I had my 5th treatment on the 18th and I am just now feeling so much better. So come and whine that's what friends are for.
Did you get a Neulasta shot also?

Have a great day today,

lindaprocopio's picture
Posts: 2022
Joined: Oct 2008

I've never had a Neulasta shot yet,since my chemo onc only gives the shot if your white count numbers tank, and so far it's been mainly my platelets and hemoglobin that get beaten down. Each round I keep thinking that this will be the one where I need the Neulasta, and it may come into play for me soon when I get my radiation, which can also do a number of your white count.

I am slower to recover from my chemo infusions now that I am closing in on the end, but do feel better today than yesterday, and even went out and picked up some birthday cards for some upcoming March birthdays and an anniversary card for my husband for next week, did a bank deposit and mailed out a birthday gift to my sister. I don't go out that much, spending many days here holed up at home. Since I work from home, there's not much reason to get dressed and hit the streets. How about the rest of you? Do you still make the effort to get out and about? I've always been a home body, but I am even more so now.

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Dear Linda, you are almost through your treatments, hang in there. You will feel better soon, and your energy will come back.

I had the first part of my 6 month checkup on Tuesday. Physical exam. was good, waiting for blood test results and an ultrasound is scheduled for March 6. I will see the doctor for the results of all tests following the scan.

Maylynne from snowy British Columbia

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I am a week past my second chemo treatment. Am still feeling good. I got over the blues I had last week, and have not any nausea or aching. I started BP medicine this week, but don't know if I can tolerate the medication, as I have white spots in front of my eyes. My heart rate continues to be 120 at rest or activity. I can't tell that it is that high, as I feel fine, but I know my heart rate should not be that high. Don't know if it is from the Taxol, or the steroids I had. I had to take steroids for three days after the chemo treatment, two times a day. If my heart rate is still up on Monday I will call about getting different medication. My body still does not like medication.

I continue to get out everyday and go for at least an hour walk. The weather here in Florida is more condusive to getting out than most of you have. I am fortunate that my blood counts allow me to do many of the things so many do not have the energy for. We go shopping and out to eat. Luckily my appetite is normal this time around and I am not sooooo hungry like last time.

I too have a hard time concentrating after my chemo treatment. I call it chemo brain. Luckily my husband is here to to help me from making too many mistakes. He helps me find things that I misplace. I don't like the idea that I can't remember things the way I used to. I too wondered when there are days that there are no new posts. I thought maybe I missed them.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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