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waiting for CAT result

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Well, we are in the waiting game too right now. The day they found the tumor during the colonoscopy (1/12/09) they did a CAT scan of Dick's abdominal area, but not his lungs. We thought his IIIc was pretty solid. Today they did the entire area including lungs and pelvic area. Also, they injected stuff into his veins which they did not do for the first CAT scan. What was that for?
Thanks for everything. We'll let you know.

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Injecting dye during a CT scan is really common - I haven't had one without the dye. The do a few passes without it, then inject it and and do two more. I think that is pretty common. I couldn't really tell from your post - is his diagnoses stage IIIC?

If it is/was, I am surprised they haven't done this before. I was IIIA, after CT scans, MRI, and surgery with lymph node biopsey. 2 out of 21 postive.

Maybe you could provide a few more details and other people on the board would be able to give you more information.


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Hi Pam,
I'll be honest with you we didn't realize that his lungs weren't in the first CAT scan until after the surgery for the tumor in his colon. So the diagnosis right now is IIIc. I guess that will still be the diagnosis if his lungs are clear.
Thanks for the info.

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HI Kathleen,
Yes as someone else said on this board as per the tom petty song the waiting is the hardest part Jerry's first cat we picked up the results ourselves the next day for the pre chemo cat we had to wait 5 days broken cat machine, doctor out of town overwhelmed nurse practioner etc.-- I thought I'd lose my mind. You and Dick will get through this just take one day at a time focus on the here and now and enjoy everything especially your 2 precious girls. You're both in my prayers. God Bless.


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this is "anxious annie" again.....the queen of anxious......ditto
taking a day at a time......focus on the fact that so far things seem
to be going smoothly......just a sudden glitch you will get through....


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My husband was diagnosed Jan.06 with stage 3c rectal cancer. He had chemo, radiation, surgery and 6 more months of chemo. May 8th will be his 3 year surgery anniversary. He is doing wonderful! Treatment never slowed him down much went to work everyday. After surgery he was out of work for about 5 weeks. He has had a couple of scares along the way but followup testing proved them to be nothing. For 2 years pet/ct scans were every 3 months. After 2 years every 6 months. He is due again in June. His surgeon and oncologist chose pet/ct scans
for his follow-up care, they scan from his brain to his knees. I know what you are going through, when scan time arrives I get so stressed I can't think staight. I will pray for you guys. My husband has had a very positive attitude for the last 3 years and I think its really helped. Keep us posted!


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I hope your husband's cat scan doesn't show any spreading of his disease. They use the contrast to get clearer images of organs or tissue.

Good luck!

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Thank you everyone for all your encouragement. The CAT looked good for everything. Now Chemo for "mop up." We're praying we never see this ugly cancer again.

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That's great news! Hope chemo goes well!

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Make sure you thank Him.......I know exactly how you must feel right now.......Been there, doing that ..right now......Congrats Guys and Gals....God Bless ya both

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