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new and have ??

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I have a few questions and will do my best to expalain as well as I can what is going on. I had my gallbladder surgery in oct , of course the hospital did a pre op cxr and it was clear. I have had bronchitis about 4 times last year and the last one was in Dec. In Dec i was coughing and sick for the whole month, tired and just felt horrible. I had another cxr done and they found a 11.5 mm nodule in the lower r lung it is ill defined according to the report and when they found it they compared it to my xray in oct. It just grew out of nowhere. I am 28 and have never smoked, but this last bout with the couugh sounds like i smoked for years. I am waiting for my doctor to get on the ball. he just kinda looked at me and patted my hand and said not to worry. Then said he would be referring me to a specialist within the week. Well I am worried, I cared for my grandfather as he lost his battle with esophageal cancer. I just want to know what is going on and to make sure that all is being done and I hate being spoken to like I am stupid. I started doing research as soon as I found out about the nodule, so I know it could be nbumerous things. But i fear it is cancer. Can anyone help with thoughts on what to do and questions to be asking when I get seen. Sorry for the length of my rambling.

Thanks in advance!

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It is understandable that you would be would be worried, Lorrie, but the truth of the matter is that worrying will do more harm than good. I know that this will not keep you from worrying, but I must point it out.

As for your experiences so far, I would advise that it sounds like you have a good, a caring, a knowing doctor who is looking out for you. That is a positive. Tests are a good thing, regardless of results, because they let you know more than you knew before the tests. Knowledge is good, Lorrie.

On the other hand, if your doctor makes you feel 'stupid' there is an issue. You should address it with him or her, or find someone you are more comfortable with. It is imperative, whether you have cancer or not, that you trust your doctors and that you believe in them and that you are comfortable with them. Whatever the outcome, it will make you feel better about the process. This is something you may want to examine if you consider yourself being talked down to.

Re the nodule, it is natural for the docs to give it a wait, once they discover it, and then to re-examine, re CAT and/or PET scans, to see if it is growing. I do not believe this is a failure on their part, but a wise thing based on experience. I know, based on personal experience (and I am survivor of lung cancer...lobectomy of the very lower right lobe you are concerned about) that they will wait, despite our own feeling that this is contrary to what should happen in order to treat us correctly and quickly.

This is not, however, the flu. Patience is required, and patience is probably the hardest thing to deal with for you right now. I know.

Please know that regardless of results it is not the end of the world. I had my lobe removed on January 31 of 2008, and a month or two ago was pronounced cancer-free.

Good luck with your results. I hope that the bronchitis, frankly, means that something else is going on, something less dramatic, if you will, than cancer. If not, if it IS cancer, be advised that there are many lung cancer survivors out here in the world, living, loving, enjoying life.

Take care,


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Hi Joe
Happy NEW YEAR .
Hope things are good with you !!
Hey I found spell check.

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Hi Lorrie,

Try not to worry until there is something to worry about. Continue with your doctors testing. If they determine that there is cancer then consider a specialist at a cancer institute. Hopefully it will be a scare from an infection they was never properly treated. I have one of those. If it is cancer there is alot that can be done. I was dx August of 2008 with Stage 1a lung cancer. you will be in my prayers. Hope you have a good outcome.

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Lorrie !!!!
It is not cancer til they do a boopsie.
So don't beat your self up .
I know people always say it will be OK and it is not always OK.
But wait for the biopsie.
Bless ya

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hi my name is karen,
i do not have cancer but my husband had lung cancer.he had 2/3 of his right lung removed in july 2008 and is doing great.i wish you luck and if you need any one to talk to i am here.

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